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On the 28th of February, 2020, 105 of our students wrapped up the month of love in a spectacular graduation day! They celebrated the end of their life-changing journey at ALC Mauritius, ready to embark on the new adventures awaiting each of them. 

Since its founding, ALU stays true to its mission of equipping a new generation of young African leaders to transform the African continent. Following its inaugural graduation in June 2019, this second graduation is the continuation of this journey to educating these 3 million African leaders by 2035.

Graduation Day #Limitless

ALC Graduation day had the island of Mauritius buzzing with excitement as parents, friends, family, and staff gathered in jubilation to witness the graduating class reach an important milestone. Graduating students shaku shaku’d into the hall, beaming with anticipation and utter joy, proud to be a part of that historic moment. 

The ceremony was graced by our CEO and founder, Fred Swaniker, and our President, Christopher O.H. Williams. Furthermore, ALC’s founding academic and accreditation partner, Glasgow Caledonian University was represented by the Glasgow Caledonian University Deputy Vice-Chancellor Learning, Teaching, and Student Experience, Professor Valerie Webster as well as the GCU teaching faculty.

Dr. Judy Dlamini, Witswatersrand University Chancellor and Executive Chairwoman of the Mbekani Group, gave a riveting keynote address. Dr. Dlamini has lived as a medical family practitioner, banker, author, entrepreneur, educator, board director, and advocate for social change. She advised the graduating class to be limitless and make a difference in the lives of others, defining true success as “making a difference in someone’s life” in spite of relation or connection.

Hope Mukeli Mutua, the Student Speaker for the ceremony (she was also awarded as the top graduating BA (Hons) Social Sciences student) – shared some words of wisdom in her address, highlighting all the graduating class has achieved, and all they will go on to achieve. 

“There was a huge sense of completion and pride that we had managed to come this far. Everyone was genuinely happy for their achievements and for those around them. There was just this resounding notion that we had truly been through a journey and came out with smiling faces and many achievements to show for it. And finally, it was really amazing to be able to celebrate the day with our parents.”-  Hope Mukeli Mutua

The beginning of a leadership journey

As our graduates set out to create long-lasting, positive and crucial impacts, we are expectant of a fruitful leadership journey that embodies the culture and values of the ALU Community, which they, as the founding class, helped to create. With that said, we are thrilled that some of our recent graduates have already joined innovative and transformative companies like Google, Facebook, Bain & Company, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America Merill Lynch, to name just a few. 

Like most of our students, this graduating class has displayed a deep sense of ownership and ambition, always gunning for the opportunities that have challenged them to grow and contribute to their communities. Hope put this culture into these words: 

“We are really an ambitious class. We know when to step up and when to give others the space to rise. That was really the best way we contributed towards the ALC culture. We started clubs and ventures that allowed us to pursue our missions but also give space for others to grow and fulfill their own missions. That way, we built and also gave way for others to build their own experience”

If you would like to learn more about the graduating class, you can find their portfolios here. And if you want to publish an internship or full-time job, you can do it here.

We applaud the graduating class for reaching this milestone, and for having the courage to see the journey of leadership through, until the end.

If you also want to be an ALU graduate student, you can now get the opportunity with the different ALU Scholarships. You can get more information about the different options here. Apply now and be part of the ALU journey!

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