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Empower Africa’s future leaders. Partner with ALU and invest in a diverse talent pool of ethical, entrepreneurial students & graduates equipped with real-world experience. Our students, representing 30+ African countries, have secured over 4,000 internships across 400+ public and private organizations, both within Africa and beyond. Join us and shape the leaders who will shape Africa’s future.

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Step 1


Companies interested in partnering with ALU Employer Partnerships & Placement (EP&P) team for talent acquisition register their interest through an online form or scheduling a call via link below


Step 2


The ALU EP&P team schedules an introductory call with the company to understand their recruitment needs, company culture, and values. This call helps align the objectives of the company.


Step 3


After the alignment call, companies provide finalized job or internship descriptions, including details such as responsibilities, qualifications, and any specific requirements. This information is crucial for attracting suitable candidates from ALU’s pool of talented students & early graduates.


Step 4

Application Review &

EP&P  team meticulously reviews all applications received for the posted opportunities. They assess candidates based on their qualifications, skills, experiences, and alignment with the company’s requirements and values. Following a thorough review, we shortlist the most promising candidates and present them to the company for further consideration.


Step 5

Final Hiring

After receiving the shortlisted candidates, the employer continues with the final hiring process. This may involve conducting interviews, assessments, or further evaluations to identify the most suitable candidates for their organization. Once the selection process concludes, the chosen candidates are extended offers for internships or job positions. Subsequently, the company communicates the final hiring decisions to the EP&P team.

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What Employers Say about ALU Students

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