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An entrepreneurial leadership education for Africa’s future leaders; founded on getting things done, championing bold ideas & learning from the world.




BSc (Hons) Entrepreneurial Leadership


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About the

Start your own venture, become a leader in business or dedicate time to a cause dear to you. 

Make a mark in your community, at ALU & ALU hubs, and beyond through a broad, rigorous education, emphasising strong leadership, entrepreneurship, research and career skills.

African Leadership University BEL program graduates are well rounded and understand the broader impacts of entrepreneurial leadership in addressing the variety of complex and interrelated challenges that mother Africa is currently facing. Students who earn a BSc. (Hons.) in Entrepreneurial Leadership degree possess the knowledge, experience, and technical skills necessary to understand the dynamic business world to achieve dignified levels of success in their professional careers and personal lives.

Get inspired by world-class faculty, an engaged and diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem, and the ‘do hard things’ energy that flows through the ALU community. Throughout your journey with us, you will learn from the world through a wide array of facilitated interdisciplinary modules, internships, research initiatives, expert conferences, community engagement projects and much more hands-on experiences.
ALU’s experiential education approach will produce African leaders who are able to draw upon their real-world experiences gained during their ALU experience.


Each student’s journey is unique.  We believe that good grades alone are not the mark of a true leader. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. As such, we are not only looking for those who are at the top of their class, but also those who have stories of impact and tackle problems without waiting for someone else to solve them.

Any prospective student must meet our general entry requirements and the programme specific requirements to be admitted into ALU.

Eligibility requirements for admission to ALU BEL program

  • Completing  a final national secondary school exam and graduated from secondary school with a certificate of secondary education on an A Level or equivalent.
    • Prospects that did not complete an examination offered by the Rwandan National Examination and School Inspection Authority (NESA)/REB/WDA should apply for an equivalency review through the site.

B2 or IELTS 6.0 or better English language proficiency*

  • Passing  3 or more A-level subjects or equivalent, in which one or more of the considered subjects is from this list of core subjects, or combinations that include these subjects.:
    • English  or Literature in English 
    • Math (Any A-level math)
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Integrated Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Sociology, Economics, or Geography. 
    • An applicant who provides results from subjects closely related to the ‘core’ subjects above will have their admission reviewed by an Admissions Committee before acceptance.
  • Attaining  a C average or better on the 3 subjects selected.
    • The average must be derived from at least one ‘core’ course and the best two other grades from A-level (Principal) subjects.
    • A C average shall mean a point value of 12 or better. An average of C- shall not be considered to meet the minimum criteria.
      • For example: a student transcript could show: B – English, D – Media Studies, C – Spanish and be considered.. 
      • However a transcript with C – English, C-Media Studies, and D Spanish would not be considered.

Please note

  • If you provide results from subjects closely related to the ‘core’ subjects above, this will be reviewed by the ALU Admissions Committee before acceptance.
  • Language of Instruction: The language of instruction at the African Leadership University is English. Applicants must supply evidence of B2 (or equivalent) proficiency. Those who cannot will be tested for proficiency in English at a period to be determined by ALU before the commencement of their degree studies. Those not meeting the B2 threshold will need to complete English proficiency bridging programme(s) offered by ALU or other 3rd-party providers.

Plan of Study

ALU’s Bachelor of Entrepreneurial Leadership program is a comprehensive three year accelerated program that blends rigorous interdisciplinary education that cuts across business, social science, product design, data analytics, entrepreneurship, and leadership development. ​​

Graduates not only earn a BSc. (Hons) in Entrepreneurial Leadership degree but are ready to be team builders and systems thinkers who have a breadth of cross-disciplinary knowledge, are extremely skilled at innovative problem-solving in a variety of domains, have the ability to learn continuously, and have developed deep pragmatic skills for taking meaningful action.

Year 1

Trimester 1

Trimester 2

Trimester 3

Year 2

Trimester 1

Trimester 2

Trimester 3

Year 3

Trimester 1

Trimester 2

Trimester 3

The BEL curriculum develops entrepreneurial leaders with a foundation in sustainable business, strategy and policy. The Bachelor of Entrepreneurial Leadership degree integrates sustainability principles and practices into various aspects of business, such as governance, operations, decision making. ALU BEL graduates have been sought after by top business and policy companies in Africa and the globe.


Begin your application to ALU through any of the following intakes.

September 2024

Applications open and ongoing.

Applications close
Jun 10, 2024

January 2025

Applications open and ongoing.

Applications close
Nov 1, 2024

May 2025

Applications open and ongoing.

Applications close
Mar 1, 2025

Key elements of the Bachelor of
Entrepreneurial Leadership programme

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The Professional Skill Development, Skills Immersion,  and the Mission Capstone together make up the Skills immersion element of the programme. The Skills Immersion module is envisioned as a work-based placement where students will be able to contextualise and integrate their knowledge and skills in the workplace environment preparing them for future employment. The Mission Capstone is the global challenge(s) the students intend to tackle and will culminate in the Mission Capstone which serves as Honors Project for the programme.

Graduates of the BEL programme can pursue professional
careers in any of the following areas:

Business Strategy
and Investment

Product development, Healthcare app entrepreneur, Health economist, Hospital consultant, Law school for labour law, NGO, Entrepreneurship, Fundraising and donor relations, Monitoring and Evaluation, Graduate school for Gender studies, Non-profit management

Planetary Health

Graduate school for nutrition, food systems management, agricultural economy or agritech, project management

Policy and

Health-based NGO, L&D Org, Postgraduate studies, Policy analysis, advocacy, campaign management, Learning design, Human Resources, Capacity building, Social media manager


We have been made aware of scammers impersonating the African Leadership University (ALU). Please exercise caution and be vigilant. Remember, all official ALU emails come from the domain. If you receive any suspicious communication, do not respond or provide personal information. Report any fraudulent activity immediately.Stay safe and informed.

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