African Leadership University

Financial Aid

One of our objectives at ALU is to make education accessible to potential future leaders across the continent by reducing the barriers between prospective students and their post-secondary education. 

Our aid program follows this

major principle

All ALU sponsored aid is based primarily on demonstrated financial need but is subject to meeting all other eligibility requirements and availability.

Students with the greatest demonstrated need will receive the most aid should they meet the basic eligibility requirements for the type of aid they are applying for.


To be eligible to apply for any Financial aid at ALU, one must first meet the Admissions requirements. If eligible for admission to ALU, an applicant will be required to provide additional information during their application which will be used to determine their eligibility for any of the financial aid offerings available at the time.

For each category of aid, there are limited slots available per intake, and therefore, not everyone who is found to be eligible will receive aid.

Below are the two types of aid offerings available at ALU:

ALU Grants

Our grants apply to tuition fees only and are applied as a fee waiver to a student’s invoice only, and are not redeemable in cash. These grants hold for the duration of the minimum degree completion time and students will not be required to pay this back at any point. Please note that other costs of attending ALU will not be covered by a grant offer.

Eligibility requirements for ALU Grants
  1. Applicants must be otherwise unable to afford ALU tuition without some financial aid. Individuals must demonstrate financial need which acceptable supporting documents can verify

  2. Meet ALU admission criteria

ALU Scholarships

In partnership with the Mastercard Foundation and other external partners, ALU is proud to offer scholarships that make ALU education available to deserving individuals across the African continent. These scholarships are full-ride scholarships awarded to students who demonstrate both financial need and great potential in using the scholarship opportunity as a valuable tool in making a meaningful impact in their community.

Scholarships offered at ALU are full-ride scholarships covering full tuition and additional financial support throughout the scholars’ journey at ALU (terms and conditions may vary depending on the scholarship contract/ partnering donor). 

Please note that limited scholarships are available per intake.

Eligibility Requirements for ALU scholarships
  1. Applicants must be otherwise unable to afford ALU tuition with any other form of aid. Individuals must demonstrate financial need and socio-economic disadvantage, which acceptable supporting documents can verify.


  2. Aged 29 and below. Individuals meeting the following descriptions are especially encouraged to apply;
    1. Female
    2. Refugees and displaced individuals
    3. Individuals with physical or learning disabilities

  3. Be academically strong with clear potential to thrive at ALU
    1. Meet ALU admission criteria
    2. Strong National Exam Scores of at least a B


  4. Applicants must demonstrate the following qualities;
    1. Strong leadership potential 
    2. Active contributors in their communities and commitment to leverage this opportunity to give back to their communities