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ALU Global Focus: Insights on Africa’s Greatest Challenges and Opportunities

The ALU Global Challenges Degree Program, which is the first-ever of its kind in the continent, has seen numerous exciting and impactful projects emerge from students who are taking this course. The “declare missions and not majors” nature of the program has allowed students to tackle global challenges and explore global opportunities through creative ways. […]

The ALU Experience: A Perspective

The ALU Experience: A Perspective

Nnadozie Ebere, Computer Science student at ALU Rwanda, has shared his unique collection of the memories and experiences that he has gathered throughout his journey at the African Leadership University.

The Jack Ma Foundation’s Africa Netpreneur Prize Initiative

Africa Netpreneur Prize Initiative.

Since its founding, ALU has shown great commitment to fulfilling the mission of educating 3 million leaders by 2030. Our disruptive learning model, access to networks, as well as our strong values have continuously moulded our students into innovative leaders who are determined to create a positive impact on the African continent.

Smangaliso Mbili: Taking Up Space Unapologetically

Smangaliso Mbili- Taking Up Space Unapologetically. ALU Education Blog.

“Take up space. Do not minimize yourself for the convenience of others”, Tonya Ingram.

These words deeply resonate with ALU student, Smangaliso Mbili, who takes us through one of his boldest decisions so far: bringing TEDx to ALU Rwanda.