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Staying Apart is Keeping Us Together

Staying Apart is Keeping Us Together. ALU Education Blog.

Now more than ever, our community needs each other’s support by staying connected with each other. 

At ALU, we take our sense of community very seriously, especially during uncertain times like these. So it’s not surprising that the ALU community has come up with fun and exciting ways of preserving our culture, maintaining our Restless Excellence value, and building unshakable support systems as we navigate the new normal we’re all faced with.

Here are a few highlights:

Preserving the ALU culture

Life at ALU is everything experienced at ALU, outside of our interactive classrooms. It is filled with units of activities built up to a unique and diverse culture. Now that we are not able to be together physically to celebrate and engage in these activities, we have found creative ways to preserve this special culture by using the powerful influence of the internet and Social Media. Events like the ALU Awards and ritual ceremonies that are cornerstones of our culture, like the ALU Assembly, have been migrated to our social media channels and online platforms where our students and staff get the chance to connect.

We are forever interested in the exciting stories our students get up to, the talents they have been harnessing during the lockdown, and have exciting online series like the ALU Diaries and ALU Lives to capture these beautiful moments. 

Maintaining Restless Excellence

If you are part of the ALU community, you will know that Restless Excellence is in our DNA. 

Restless Excellence means upholding the highest standards in all we do, and never being satisfied with the status quo. We continually ask ourselves: “can this be done better?”.

COVID19 hasn’t stopped us, we just found ways to do our work better and remain on track. Aside from our online classes, where students still get to connect and engage in impactful discussions, the learning process is continuously supplemented by insightful ALU Podcast episodes, free online courses like ALU Venture, and working on passion projects or even sourcing for internships through our Career Development Department.

ALU Podcast. ALU Education Blog.


Venture by ALU. ALU Education Blog.

Building Strong Support Systems

We cannot dispute the emotional and mental impact that this pandemic has had on our community. However, the different systems created by our students and staff to be there for each other have brought us even closer. From the different support groups that some students have created to just check on each other, to the heartwarming videos our staff has sent to the students to show them support, we are assured of staying together even though we are apart. Check out this special video our staff dedicated to our students.

Message from ALU Staff and Faculty. ALU Education Blog.

One crucial thing the world has realized during this time is the importance of community and support. Finding ways to stay in touch and engage with people goes a long way in suppressing the tension that the pandemic has caused. As the ALU community enters Mental Health May, we continue to support each other. What are some of the ways you keep in touch with your loved ones?