Remembering Favour Tosin Lawani

This week, the ALU community grieves the loss of a bright young leader, Favour Tosin Lawani from Nigeria. One of our “founder” students, Favour passed away on Friday evening as a result of complications from an existing medical condition.

Favour Tosin Lawani_BlogFavour joined ALU in January and brought joy to those around her with her infectious smile and hearty laugh. She always made everyone around her feel special and always lent an ear to listen whenever anyone wanted to chat.

“She was incredibly considerate and full of smiles for everyone. She was dedicated to her work. So much so that when she needed to take time away from her work she would always come back to request for an extension of deadlines and get the additional help to catch up,” said Tofik Saad, Faculty for Communicating for Impact.

Favour aspired to help people from across the economic spectrum to build long lasting companies that would bring joy and peace to people’s lives and develop enduring happiness in their customers. She also saw fashion as an outlet, not just for people to demonstrate prosperity but to help build equality across the African continent. She will always be remembered for her determination against all odds to go after what she truly believed in.

Her friend, Adanna Ikeliani said, “Favour was a great and a very determined person. I remember her telling me about her big dream of becoming Africa’s best designer. She was so passionate about it, and I could see through her words and actions the she had a really clear picture of what she wanted and she was not going to give in for anything else.”

A candlelight vigil was held to remember Favour on Saturday evening. We hope that you will join our extended ALU family around the world in keeping Favour and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Here are a few words honouring her from a few members of the ALU community.

“Favour is more than a friend, she is a sister. I could go to her with all of my worries and cry on her shoulders. She would empathise with me and 30 minutes later we would both laugh about it. I know I haven’t lost a friend, I know it’s not a goodbye, I know it’s a goodnight. Favour good night and enjoy your sleep. I know she is in a better place in heaven by the right hand side of God. When I get to heaven, I will see her there. Nothing gives me more joy than knowing she went to bed fighting the good fight and she is in HEAVEN. Favour Oluwatosin Lawani, Jagunmolu, goodnight”
Stephens Temitope, Student

“Favour was the true embodiment of what it meant to be courageous. She will be remembered as a small girl with a big heart. A human with a mortal body but an eternal spirit; a student with many challenges but an incredible attitude and outlook on life. She will be missed by all.”
Katleho Mohono, Faculty, Entrepreneurial Leadership Course

“There are few things more difficult than grieving the loss of a promising young person with so much left to give – I hope you will lean on each other for comfort and support, and I know that one of Favour’s legacies will be bringing the ALU community closer together than ever before.”
Chris Bradford, Co-Founder and CEO, African Leadership Academy

“She used to say, ‘you don’t have to beg or try to join them, be you; just do your thing, you’re and will be the best at it and they’d see that and come for you.’ She taught me to cherish every moment as it came; to let my laughter soar through boundaries and take away all burdens and cares. During one of our deep conversations, we poured out our history and anxieties and hopes. We came to a conclusion, that in life, most times, the things we do without thinking, the fun we have without worrying about our messy hair or broken teeth or anything; the friends we make without having to say anything; the lives we touch even without our knowing, are the happiest gifts of life. She was the strongest person I ever knew.”
Chisom Okwara, Student

“Favour made me always believe in myself. She was always ready to help in any way she could. Her presence was electrifying. There were no dull moments with her. She was like a sister to me. She was always all smiles, we ate together, studied together, laughed together. She made me feel at home. We talked about Jesus and our faith in Him. She was just too sweet and awesome. Words fail me to describe her. She was truly a “Favour ” in my life. I will always love her.”
Elizabeth Akpan, Student

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