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It’s finally here! ALU is making its way around Africa for Reimagine University (RiU). We are stopping in major cities across the continent to deliver the ALU experience right to your doorstep. Last weekend, ALU made its first stop in Accra, Ghana. Our team visited high schools, hosted a RiU session and met with admitted students for the incoming class of September 2016. During RiU students have the opportunity to go through a facilitated learning session with an ALU faculty member just like our students go through our unique learning model at our inaugural campus, African Leadership College (ALC) in Mauritius.

Kwasi Adi-Dako, a Projects faculty member and Christiane Koenig, a Recruitment and Admissions Associate share their experiences from RiU and the Admitted Students Lunch in Accra.

Reimagine University – Kwasi Adi-Dako, Projects Faculty Member

Last week I was in Accra for RiU, an event where accepted and prospective students, parents, teachers, and members of the press can experience ALU’s unique learning model first hand. As guests trickled into the conference hall, I watched their eyes widen as they looked around at the strange setup. At the front of the room was a standard auditorium layout, with chairs arranged in rows facing a projected slideshow of ALU students and facilities. Next to this was a series of tables with stacked poker chips and a person in a corner spinning around and laughing as she took the virtual reality tour of our Mauritius campus via a headset and earphones.

Guests were intrigued. They signed in and took their seats, getting ready for a one and a half hour conversation about curriculum design. At ALU, however, we believe that instead of telling people about what we do, we show them. Over the next 90 minutes, we discussed the learning principles that guide our curriculum design team, the mechanics of how the core courses work together, and put all the guests through an experiential that tested their teamwork and planning abilities. After going through the experiential, we debriefed the exercise to consolidate the key learning points we had taken away.

The highlight of the event for me though, was hearing from one of our current students, Elsa, and her mother as they spoke about their experiences with ALU. High school guests from all over Ghana asked question after incredulous question of these two pioneers and we engaged in a healthy dialogue about embracing the new and reimagining what tertiary education could look like with Africans as innovators and thought leaders.

We capped off the event with an informal mixer where all of our guests could speak to the ALU representatives in the room and it was truly uplifting to see the kind of support we have in Ghana, my home. I look forward to seeing the other RiU events in cities all over Africa.

Lunch with admitted Students- Christiane Keonig, Recruitment and Admissions Associate

Meeting the admitted students for the first time was really an exhilarating experience. I can’t really describe the way their faces lit at the opportunity to connect with an ALU representative. It felt like a piece of Mauritius was standing right in front of them, and their dream of joining our current ALU class was not so distant after all.

After the session ended they wouldn’t let me go. They had LOTS of questions – from the specific courses they could take to the nightlife…and even the reason for the lack of plantains on the island.

More amazing were their parents. Those who will not be able to make it to the orientation this September were grateful for the opportunity to gain a first-hand experience of the life at ALU through the virtual reality display. They teased each other, joking that they had travelled to Mauritius in a matter of minutes and were back again in Ghana.

I am really looking forward to properly welcoming these students on our beautiful island and to see their faces light up again with the wonder of the magic that is ALU itself. For those who shrieked during the virtual reality display when they were on top of the mountain, Le Pouce, I hope they get to conquer it themselves, realize that anything is possible and that it is just a stepping stone to conquering greater mountains to come. ​

Interested in attending ReImagine University? Look out for us in the following cities:

Nairobi, Kenya: May 9 – 14
Johannesburg, South Africa: May 16 – 21
Lagos, Nigeria: Mid-May

Additional cities and dates will be announced soon. We look forward to seeing you!

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