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ALU Kigali and Kampala hubs welcome digital strategist, artificial intelligence and strategic leadership expert, Professor Giulio Toscani

He lives between Barcelona, Spain, and Lima, Perú, but for this week and the next, Professor Giulio Toscani PhD will be spending his time at ALU’s Kampala and Kigali Hubs. In line with ALU’s hub model of enabling experiential learning experiences in key African cities, the US and Europe, visiting faculty at hubs bring real world-views across multiple industry disciplines, share their expertise with the hub’s community, and mentor, guide, and discuss student’s ideas and projects.

An exceptional thought leader in the field of digital innovation and Strategic Leadership, Dr. Toscani is a professor and academic director at ESADE Business & Law School in Barcelona, Spain. He is also full professor at Pacifico Business School, in Lima Perú and visiting professor in CCL (Belgium), Politecnico MIlano (Italy), RANEPA & SKOLKOVO (Russia), Neoma (France), Bath Business School (UK), Globis and NUCB (Japan), and now, African Leadership University’s Hubs. For over 15 years, he has focused on using cutting-edge technology and leadership practices to achieve higher business outcomes and better teamwork within organizations. Toscani is on a mission of helping businesses to innovate, using digital technologies such as design thinking, Big Data & AI, in a disruptive way. His thought leadership is published in several academic journals and magazines such as the Marketing Intelligence and Planning, Journal of Services Marketing, Harvard Deusto, El Economista, Gentleman, ESADE Do Better.

Beyond his academic background, Dr. Toscani brings a wealth of professional experiences as an investor and advisor in Navozyme (Singapore). He has extensive knowledge and working experiences from multinational companies like Telefonica (Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Guatemala), General Electric (Europe), Nike and Megafon (Russia), Bic (France), Bayer (Portugal and Spain) and Ely Lily and PWC (Spain). And that’s not all –  Professor Toscani  is a Hatha yoga teacher, a vipassana meditator, an ultra-trail runner with a personal record of 120 km and is fluent in three languages. He has worked, visited or lived in 115 countries, most recently having cycled solo across Mongolia, Vietnam, Laos – the Black Sea and Caucasus. His diversity in experiences is a welcome addition to the multicultural, multilingual and multinational diversity at ALU’s hubs.

Designed to facilitate hands-on experiences, peer to peer work, and community building within close proximity to communities, ALU hubs allow for situated, collaborative and mission-driven learning. Students have the opportunity to learn from communities while engaging with local and global industry experts, key business people, community leaders and visiting faculty at our hubs in Kigali, Kampala and Silicon Valley.

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