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Empowering Change through Conservation: ALU student Filbert Minja’s Journey

With a soul pulsating with creativity and a heart dedicated to community-based projects, ALU conservation student, Filbert Minja’s, passion for change resonates in every step he takes. As an environmental advocate, creative artist, and team player, he carries the torch of transformation, aiming to build a brighter future for Africa and its people. Just in his second year of his Bachelor of Entrepreneurial Leadership program at the African Leadership University (ALU), Filbert is already way on his journey to changing the conservation narrative space.

The Grumeti Fund Media Lab 2023

In the picturesque Serengeti National Park, Filbert embarked on a transformative journey that would shape his storytelling artistry forever. Selected for the Grumeti Fund Media Lab 2023, Filbert joined a community of East African conservation storytellers led by renowned experts. Guided by legendary conservation documentary filmmaker Jigar Ganatra, wildlife photographer Laura Claura Cosmas, and communication expert Bhoka Mtatiro-Mgeni, Filbert learned the intricacies of conservation media and storytelling for impact.


“I was humbled and excited to be among the top 10 selected East Africans to participate in the Grumeti Fund Media Lab,” Filbert exclaimed with joy. “This mentorship program presented a golden opportunity for me to hone my skills and learn from the best in the industry. Here’s to the power of storytelling!”

Unveiling Powerful Narratives

Filbert’s passion for impactful storytelling materialized into awe-inspiring documentaries. With each creation, he delved into the lives of extraordinary individuals, illuminating their stories like bright stars in the night sky.

ASHURA: Embracing Harmony

Boldly confronting human-wildlife conflict, young Ashura at the Grumeti Fund inspired harmony between communities and nature, encouraging safeguarding of ecosystems. The short film was shortlisted in July this year by Pridelands wildlife film festival 2023 (PWFF) under the category of best micro film.


Harvesting the future without soil that looks on hydroponic farming in Rwanda and how its is of more resilient to climate change and sustainable land use


Filbert’s lens journeyed to the Rau Forest Reserve, uncovering the remarkable story of Rau Eco & Cultural Tourism Enterprise, proving the transformative power of ecotourism.

Filbert’s journey of impact extended to internships with organizations like GIZ Tanzania, UWC East Africa, and The African Leadership University. Each experience further kindled his passion for conservation leadership and community-driven development. Filbert will be joining African School of Storytelling (AFRISOS) as an intern and will embark on underwater filmmaking in Mafia Island this October where he will learn more about scientific marine film documentation as well as be part of creating awareness about the importance of preserving underwater environments.

ALU’s Wildlife Conservation Hub and BCC 2023

In partnership with Oceans Alive, ALU School of Wildlife Conservation earlier this year offered 5 ALU students the opportunity to gain valuable insights into achieving sustainable management of coastal environments. The Marine conservation hub program in Kilifi – Kenya immersed students in the multi-faceted world of conservation, with time spent onshore and in the water, learning about life in coastal communities and the extraordinary world that exists beneath the waves.

And now, the most anticipated event of the year awaits: The Business of Conservation Conference 2023. Taking place in Kigali, Rwanda, this flagship event promises to ignite Filbert’s passion even further. Among influential leaders such as President of Rwanda – Paul Kagame, UN Goodwill Ambassador for Diversity – Edward Norton; visionaries such as African Leadership Group founder, Fred Swaniker, and changemakers, he eagerly anticipates exploring the immense potential of Africa’s wildlife economy.

🗓️ Event Dates: August 29-31, 2023

📍 Venue: Kigali Convention Centre, Rwanda

Learn more about the Business of Conservation Conference (BCC) 2023

A Symphony of Change

Filbert Minja’s journey is a symphony of change, blending the art of storytelling with the power of conservation. Through captivating documentaries and immersive experiences, he continues to inspire, evoke emotions, and spark conversations that ripple through Africa’s landscapes. As he embraces the Business of Conservation Conference 2023, Filbert envisions a future where collaboration, innovation, and leadership unite to build resilient and sustainable wildlife economies for generations to come.

Join Filbert Minja and a community of like-minded individuals at the Business of Conservation Conference 2023. Together, let’s create a roadmap for Africa’s wildlife conservation and unlock its immense potential.

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