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ALU to host Nir Hindi as Part of the Global Visiting Faculty Programme


As part of ALU’s Global Visiting Faculty Programme, ALU will be hosting Nir Hindi, founder of The Artian, an innovation and creativity training company that explores the influence of art and design on the worlds of business, innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. Currently, he is also a mentor at IE University’s Startup Lab, an incubator for students’ business initiatives that provides “seminars and training in areas like marketing, funding, strategy and legal aspects, as well as practical workshops throughout the year led by experts and entrepreneurs”.

While on campus, Mr. Hindi will conducting three sessions over the course of two days starting on June 12th. The big takeaways for attendees from the combination of workshops and working sessions will be to:

  • Understand the value of using Renaissance thinking that fuses art, engineering, technology, design, and science
  • Gain deeper insight into the influence design and art have today in the technology and business worlds
  • Explore the relationship between art and innovation
  • Get familiar with evidence-based benefits of innovation that came from the arts, and learn how to work with artists in order to push technology to the edge
  • Become keen observers, recognize patterns, cluster data, and reinterpret observations

In detail, the first day will host a workshop named “Switch on Your Observation Skills”, that will focus on highlighting the need for observation and listening skills by viewing original works of art, describing, and then interpreting findings. The second day will see Mr. Hindi conduct two exciting presentations on “Renaissance of Renaissance Thinking”, and “Why Business Innovation May Come from The Arts”. The first one will “highlight similarities between entrepreneurship and artistic practices so that participants can reflect on their experiences and find the way to adjust it to their way of living, thinking and working”. By revealing trends and upcoming changes in the world, the presentation will highlight the importance of creativity and address questions that challenge paradigms.

The second session will explore the impact that art has on the innovation process in the business world by drawing on examples of business companies and projects like Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC).

Mr. Hindi shared his excitement prior to his visit to ALU’s campus in Mauritius, saying: “I was very impressed with the university’s approach and philosophy from far. Now, I’m looking forward to learn more about the unique teaching approach and meet the students face to face. I’m thrilled to get their feedback and hear their thoughts about the topics discussed.”

On visiting Mauritius for the first time, Mr. Hindi finds the country a kaleidoscope of religions, cultures, languages, and people: “I heard it is an heaven on earth and with another ancient continent below. The rare mix of the place is inspirational and I really can’t wait to see it.”

Alongside The Artian, Mr. Hindi is recognised in the field of design and innovation and has been invited to give talks at reputable conferences and academic institutions such as the Barcelona Design Center, Department of Innovation in Bar-Ilan University, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, and the School of Design at the College of Management in Israel.

ALU’s Global Visiting Faculty Programme exists to bring on campus leading academics from around the world, to share expertise in their chosen fields with the ALU community. It also serves as a platform for students to build relationships with a diverse network of leaders.