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A Deep Dive Into The English Immersion Program At ALU

The ALU English Immersion Program (EI) is a language preparatory program that aids non-English speaking students to successfully kick-start their learning journey at our institution. ALU’s primary language of instruction is English, so to effectively engage non-speakers before classes begin, the English Immersion Program is organized prior to the official commencement of the academic year, between July and September. 

The program is carefully structured to accelerate the reading, writing and communication skills of the students. They participate in peer projects and class workshops with specific deliverables that are designed for improvement. These deliverables will be accessed to track the student’s progress in the program.

As a participant, you are introduced to online grammar and plagiarism checking tools like Grammarly, in order to make your writing process more efficient. You also participate in Seminal Readings and discussions, where you get exposed to popular English texts and discuss them with your peers in class. 

This six-week program is closed off with a closing ceremony, celebrating that the students have gained the required language skills in order to pass through ALU’s first-year Leadership Core Program. 

And there is even more support. During the first year, a Language Support Program is organized as a continuous support system for non-English speakers throughout the year. The design and delivery of this program are facilitated by student-coaches under the supervision of a Language Support Lead.

So far, the English Immersion Program has proven to be one of the most effective learning programs at ALU. Most non-English speaking students have become great speakers and writers after passing through the program. Do you feel that the language barrier might limit your chances of getting a world-class education at the African Leadership University? You should worry less, as the English Immersion Program is in place to assist you in making your dreams come true!

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