African Leadership University


Professor Giulio Toscani

Dr. Giulio Toscani is a true global citizen with a passion for teaching and digital innovation. Based in beautiful Barcelona, Spain, Dr. Toscani has dedicated his career to educating the next generation of leaders in the fields of law, business, and digital technology. With a wealth of experience spanning 115 countries and multinational corporations such as Telefonica, General Electric, and Nike, Dr. Toscani is a sought-after advisor and investor who has helped countless companies to thrive in the digital age.

Dr. Toscani is a true pioneer in the field of digital innovation, helping to drive change through his work with big data, AI, and design thinking. He is a passionate advocate for creating innovative organizational cultures that can adapt and thrive in the digital world. He is also a keen observer of the ethical implications of digital technology, working to distinguish big data for customer care from data used for societal surveillance.

As a yoga teacher, vipassana meditator, and ultra-trail runner, Dr. Toscani brings a unique perspective to his teaching, emphasizing the importance of mindfulness and self-care in a rapidly changing world. He is an accomplished author, publishing in prestigious academic journals and magazines such as the Marketing Intelligence and Planning and Harvard Deusto.

Dr. Toscani is an inspiring teacher and mentor, working tirelessly to prepare his students for the challenges of the digital age. With a personal record of cycling solo across Mongolia, Vietnam, and Laos, Dr. Toscani is a true adventurer who brings the same spirit of exploration and discovery to his work in the classroom.

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