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Arnon Mishkin

Arnon Mishkin is a distinguished consultant and advisor who has spent over thirty years using his expertise in data, analysis, and strategy to help organizations thrive. Throughout his career, he has worked with not-for-profit educational, philanthropic and health institutions, as well as government agencies to help them achieve success in their goals. As a former partner of The Boston Consulting Group and Mitchell Madison Group, he now works independently, advising institutions on issues of core strategy, overall planning, organization, and measurement & evaluation.

His impressive portfolio of strategic work includes leading a team on behalf of the Hewlett Foundation to conduct an overall evaluation of the African Population and Health Research Center. He also facilitated a global consultation of global health care leaders, “Pocantico II,” which helped the Rockefeller Foundation agree on its overall global health strategy. Mishkin developed the overall approach to monitoring and evaluating the multi-year, $100 million dollar Rockefeller Foundation initiative on Transforming Health Systems and built the central Secretariat and set strategy for INDEPTH, a network of community healthcare tracking sites across Africa and Asia.

In addition to his impressive strategic work, Mishkin leverages his experience in market research to lead the Election Night decision team at Fox News, where he supervises the conduct of a large-scale voter poll and analyzes reported votes to decide when to declare different candidates the “winner.” Following the 2016 election, working with the AP, Mishkin led his team at Fox to develop new tools that enabled media outlets to project states, including Arizona, Virginia, Nebraska, and Ohio, earlier than other outlets.

Mishkin’s experience in teaching is just as impressive. He was named a Resident Fellow at Harvard’s Institute of Politics in the fall of 2021 and is an Adjunct Faculty at Northeastern University in Boston. He’s excited to work with students at the African Leadership University to help them design business plans and develop an Action Agenda for helping translate those plans into operating businesses.

Mr. Mishkin earned a BA in Mathematics from Yale University and an MBA, with distinction, from Harvard Business School. 

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