Here are the Student-Run Clubs, Committees and Ventures at ALU

At African Leadership College (ALC), ALU’s campus in Mauritius,  students are co-creators. In their roles as founders of this institution, they are empowered to take ownership of their experience and develop their passions through creating spaces for people with similar interests to convene. Below is a list of the clubs, committees and ventures that have been developed so far. New ones are created every day.

Clubs and Societies

African Leadership Model United Nations (ALMUN): ALMUN is an international affairs organisation that allows students to experience what goes on at the United Nations. It’s vision is to create a space for young leaders to develop critical thinking, debating, interpersonal and diplomatic skills by solving some of the world’s major problems. It is also responsible for organising ALU’s annual African Leaders Model United Nations conferences.

Afrikalcha: Afrikalcha focuses on building a community that knows, embraces and celebrates the diverse cultures at ALU. Members organise activities that allow them to learn about each other’s home countries and also host on-campus cultural events.

ALU Connect: ALU Connect is a space where students can talk about any and everything related to school, life and projects. It also aims to become a meet and greet portal for students as ALU expands and builds campuses across different countries.

Banza: Banza Magazine is ALU’s first student-run online magazine. It covers lifestyle, business and fashion and values imagination in reinventing culture and the world we live in.

Cooking Club: The Cooking Club is all about building community through the enjoyment of food! They cook diverse meals from different countries across the continent. They also cater for other clubs and on-campus events.

Drama: The Drama Club’s motto is CELA – Community, Excellence, Love and Art. It brings people from different backgrounds together through art to create productions. Meetings always include ice-breakers, drama lessons and the opportunity to practice what is taught.

ELITE (Empower Leaders through Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship): ELITE is a society of leaders, changemakers and market disrupters with the aim to empower Leaders through Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship. It also runs an online magazine.

Entrenology: Entrenology is a combination of two things: entrepreneurship and technology. The club aims to create a link between both areas through programming. It will also organise programming courses, Hackathons, design and develop mobile applications, websites, games and participate in national and international competitions.

Floetry: Floetry is a weekly discussion forum where the ALU community meets to unpack the things we often leave unsaid. Floetry believes that talking about our issues is the first step towards solving them not only as individuals but as a continent.

Music Club: The Music Club hopes to become a haven of joy, culture and inspiration. They manage the a-cappella group and work with students to improve their singing and performance skills.

PC Club: This club serves as a platform for people who are committed to sharing their love for technology. It also helps the ALU community, specifically other clubs, with troubleshooting and technical set-ups. Their motto? Let’s spread the love. Of tech.

Poetry Society: This club builds bridges through words because society is not only united through its people but through how they communicate with each other. The Poetry Society wants to show the world what ALU students are: talented.

Turn up gang aka Turnt: Turnt believes the classroom should not be limited to four walls. Their goal is to explore Mauritius by helping students attend various social events around the island. They also help the students #Unplug at the end of a busy day.

Voice!: Voice! aims to develop public speaking and debating skills for every young aspiring leader at ALU, and hopefully beyond. It’s targeted at anyone interested in speech writing, debate, basic storytelling, role play, stand-up comedy, talk-shows, interviews, and more.

Young Entrepreneurs Society (YES): YES works with the Entrepreneurial Leadership academic team to share inspirational success stories, teach best business and entrepreneurship practices, teach how to pitch ideas to investors, negotiate with investors, partners and employees and create business models and business plans.


Common: Common is a physical space where designers and artists come together to think creatively, collaborate and bring their ideas to life. Common has elements of both a maker space and a business. The objective is to facilitate the process of artists and designers collaborating to create disruptive products which can generate profit.

E-pamodzi: This is an online shopping platform where all student-run companies can market and sell their products and services.

Ingress Media:  This is a student-run media company. It’s vision is to become the platform that will showcase all aspects of student life by working with ALU’s Marketing team.

Mahabra: Providing students with financial services, Mahabra’s vision is to simplify the financial ecosystem through convenience, accessibility, affordability and technology. Mahabra has three main focuses: banking services, an innovative payment system and a range of technology-powered services.

Picha Production House: Picha Production House is ALU’s memory keeper. It produces high quality branding tools such as videos, photos, graphics, and animations. It also supplies merchandise such as t-shirts, bracelets, caps, posters to any ALU club, society or department.

Snack Time: Snack Time is an on campus convenience shop that caters to the everyday needs of students. These include pre-packed snacks, drinks and hygiene products at affordable prices.

Sparklez: Sparklez is a beading enterprise which sells beautifully crafted African beaded products such as bracelets, necklaces, belts, earrings, rings, anklets and key rings. Sparklez’s vision is to promote African beauty through visually appealing art.

Ubuntu: Ubuntu runs on the mantra “I am because you are.” This is a student-run hair salon and barbering shop. Its services include haircuts, braiding, hair styling and pedicures. It’s also a platform where the community meets and shares ideas on how to grow. At Ubuntu, we nurture and build our own skills.


ALU Awards: This committee organises a yearly ceremony to recognise outstanding members of the ALU community.

Assembly: What do you do when your busy, engaging and fruitful week is finally coming to an end? You go for an ALU Assembly. This is a time when the entire ALU community comes together to reflect on the past week. The Assembly Committee organises a show that entertains, informs, educates and inspires everyone.

#Give: #Give is the community service arm of ALU’s signature wellness programme #ALUAlive. It encourages students to give of their time, resources and gratitude to serve others and work towards improving their conditions.

Honour Code: The Honour Committee is laying the foundation for an ALU Honour Code that fully embraces the culture of student ownership. It is a team of passionate and dedicated students who not only believe in the core values of honour and integrity but also strive to live them. It engages and collaborates with the student body throughout the thought, design and implementation process and believes in “one student body, one honour code.”

Student-Led Initiatives Committee (SLIC): SLIC facilitates and supports student initiatives. It encourages students to get involved in on campus activities either through joining or managing a club, starting a business or planning an event. SLIC also offers funding and marketing tips to new start-ups. Their motto is, “you are never alone.”

Student Marketing Council: The Student Marketing Council tells the ALU story from a student perspective. It produces content such as blogs, pictures, videos and art work that capture the student experience as well as manages the ALU Student Facebook and Tumblr pages. The Council also gives members an avenue to learn and become storytellers.

About ALU

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