African Leadership University

Watch: ALU Founder Fred Swaniker’s TEDGlobal Talk

ALU Founder Fred shared his perspective on leadership and his bold vision for Africa’s future, which, he argues, rests squarely in the hands of the continent’s rising leadership. “Africa will rise or fall because of the quality of our leaders,” the education entrepreneur says.

Since its independence, the continent has seen its fair share of warfare, corruption and human rights abuses by its leaders. Progress has been seen though (albeit slow), and current leaders have somewhat stabilized the continent, laying down the groundwork for the next group of leaders.

Fred believes that this new generation of leaders is what’s needed in Africa. He shared his vision for how to develop these leaders through new institutions (like ALU). “This next generation will be the greatest generation that Africa, and the entire world, has ever seen,” he said, and “it has a unique opportunity to transform Africa.”

Check out his presentation below:

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