African Leadership University, Rwanda

ALU Rwanda is accredited by the Higher Education Council of Rwanda and is located in Bumbogo in the Kigali Innovation City. The campus opened its doors to its first class of students in September 2017 with almost 300 students.

Rwanda is also home to ALU’s School of Business. The success of ALU’s inaugural undergraduate campus African Leadership College in Mauritius and the ALU School of Business have set the tone for this undergraduate offering to further our vision to develop the next generation of African leaders across the continent.


Kigali Innovation City

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The new ALU campus is located in Bumbogo in the Kigali Innovation City, which is poised to become the centre of excellence in education in Africa.
The campus has 3 buildings with 2 floors each: Social Commons, Enterprise Commons and Learning Commons joined by a covered pathway called “Collab Street”. With 6,500 sqm built-area, the campus has 21 classrooms and pods distributed across the campus for peer and self work.

The structure aligns with the natural slope of the landscape allowing access on every floor outdoor seating.  The entire campus is designed with energy efficiency in mind which is why we have wide open spaces that leverage natural lighting and ventilation.

Known as the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda is synonymous with mountain gorillas, beautiful views and a rich cultural history. Kigali City, the capital of Rwanda, is a vibrant and well organised city, boasting a diverse community. With various restaurants, bars, clubs, sports clubs and cafes, Kigali offers limitless entertainment for ALU students.


Non-residential Campus

ALU Rwanda is a non-residential campus. This means that you will responsible for securing your own room and board. Our non-residential campus is an exciting opportunity for independent and forward-thinking individuals to immerse themselves in a local community, applying skills in the classroom into the real world every day.

Immerse yourself in a local community

You and your peers from across the continent will have the ownership to drive the culture of collaboration in everything you do in the city.



All undergraduate degree programmes are accredited by the Higher Education Council of Rwanda and incorporate ALU’s innovative Learning Model, that focus on high-quality and engaging learning that will develop skills for the world of tomorrow.


Policy Name Description Download Policy
Student Handbook Provides in-depth information about our academic programmes, academic community and learning environment. LINK.
Data Protection Policy Sets out responsibilities and actions that the institution will take in accordance with its obligations and ensure compliance with the legislative framework LINK.
Health and Safety Policy Establishes general standards for all members of the academic community at ALU in terms of Health and Safety. LINK.
Quality Management Framework Describes the internal quality management system that forms a cycle for continuous improvement and contributes to the accountability of both ALU campuses LINK.
Student Attendance Policy Describes the institutional policy and expectations with regards to students attendance, the actions in case of breaches, as well as the responsibilities of students, academic and non-academic staff, as well as institution administration regarding student attendance. LINK.
Credit Transfer Policy and Procedure Sets out the guidelines and procedures for recognition and transfer of credits into ALU. LINK.
Student Code of Conduct Defines the conduct expectations for students at ALU LINK.
Student Disciplinary Policy and Procedure Sets the policy and procedures adopted by ALU with the scope of safeguarding the adherence to the principles of its community, to its regulations, as well as to the Student Code of Conduct LINK.
Student Finance Policy Sets out the finance policy associated with full-time undergraduate programs at ALU LINK.
Assessment Policy and Regulations Provides the principles and procedures guiding the assessments at the African Leadership University (ALU), including its School of Business. LINK.
Policy and Procedures for Admissions Provides the policy and procedures for admissions in the undergraduate programs at ALU LINK.
ALU Internship Policy Guides and provides direction to the management of all ALU internships. LINK.