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ALU’s fresh approach to 21st-century education can now be experienced in two amazing locations: the fast-growing innovation hub of Kigali, Rwanda, and the island paradise of Mauritius. Both campuses offer ALU’s unique learning model alongside undergraduate degree programmes while delivering an immersive and transformative student experience through the ALU Alive programme.

The only question you have to answer is, which life-changing experience best suits you?

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At ALU, we resist the pressure to conduct tertiary education the way it has always been done. We challenge existing beliefs so that we only keep what works, and reimagine the rest. Our mission is to create a more prosperous and peaceful Africa by developing the next generation of ethical and entrepreneurial African leaders. We prepare students for a successful and meaningful life and career in the 21st century – with a shared vision for a better Africa.

Preparation for Tomorrow’s World:

We prepare you for jobs that don’t even exist yet.

Engaging Learning Experience:

A revolutionary style of teaching and learning

Entrepreneurial Leadership:

Develop entrepreneurial skills and mindsets.

Education Meets the Real World:

The real world comes to the classroom.

On Gratitude: Reflections from Interning at L’Oreal, Lagos

Two months ago, I would never have known that I could fit the names of all the people in my office in one paragraph, with love. I was set to resume my internship in a bigger office in Ghana, but fate and luck had it that my journey with L’Oréal started on a smaller scale; with a tight-knit group of people who I could be comfortably lost with.

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The Power of Proactivity: How I landed an Internship in Tokyo

My moonshot aspiration for my second-year internship was to work on a different continent so as to broaden my experiences and challenge myself to deliver high-quality work in a completely different environment. Global relations is a crucial skill for world leaders and this is a skill I wanted to begin developing while still in college.

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ALU and General Electric (GE) Pioneer Post-graduate Program in Industrial Internet

The African Leadership University (ALU) and General Electric (GE) joined forces to launch a first of its kind post-graduate program in Industrial Internet. The ALU Africa Industrial Internet Program (AIIP) will upskill recent graduates and working professionals with the required technical and business skills to be able to take advantage of industrial big data to make timely business decisions.

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ALU Launches Second Campus in Rwanda

On Monday, September 11th, history was made as ALU Rwanda opened its doors to its first ever class made up of over 300 students from 23 different African countries. The day kicked off with registration at the North Wing of the campus. Read more.

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As the 26th World Economic Forum on Africa comes to an end… read more

“Whether you are a student, employer or investor at ALU, you are part of a revolution. This is exactly what Fred Swaniker…” read more

Fred Swaniker: “Pour sortir de la Pauvreté en Afrique, il faut investir dans nos cerveaux” read more