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Emmanuel Adegboye

Emmanuel Adegboye is at the forefront of empowering mission-driven founders and driving transformative change in Africa. As the Head of Madica, an innovative structured investment program for pre-seed stage companies, Emmanuel is reshaping the entrepreneurial landscape on the continent by providing essential support to underrepresented and underfunded entrepreneurs.

Emmanuel’s journey in fostering entrepreneurship and innovation began during his tenure at Utopia, where he spearheaded the Africa strategy for Urbantech entrepreneurs in emerging cities. As the Managing Partner of Utopia Lagos, he made a profound impact by designing and launching the Lagos Urban Innovation Challenge and Utopia’s virtual accelerator program, paving the way for the next generation of visionary African entrepreneurs.

With a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial and political landscape in Africa, Emmanuel brings extensive experience in building and leading large-scale technology projects and initiatives across emerging markets. His exceptional contributions include designing and managing Andela’s entrepreneurship center and overseeing special projects and programs at Venture Garden Group. Emmanuel’s expertise has also been recognized at an international level, as he was selected as a 2021 Mo Ibrahim Foundation Academy Fellow with the Africa Program at Chatham House, where he actively engages policymakers to foster an enabling environment for entrepreneurs.

Emmanuel’s academic accomplishments are equally impressive, with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics, an Executive MBA, and further postgraduate degrees in Space Applications and Environmental Management. He is also a certified Project Management Professional, demonstrating his commitment to excellence in his field.

Passionate about the transformative power of entrepreneurship, Emmanuel firmly believes that Africa’s future lies in the hands of innovative and resilient entrepreneurs. His unwavering dedication to supporting and nurturing startups that tackle Africa’s most pressing challenges sets him apart as a true champion of entrepreneurship and a catalyst for positive change on the continent.

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