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Higher education for a successful career personal impact the future

A degree from ALU will equip you with the knowledge, skills, tools and network you need to be successful and lead a life and career of impact.



Invest in a degree that prepares you for the future.

How will your University degree help you secure a fulfilling life for you and your loved ones? Will it equip you with the skills and knowledge that will enable you to become independent and pursue a rewarding career? How will your education empower you to provide solutions to the challenges you see around you, in your community and in Africa?

Besides, today’s world is moving fast. You’re living in a time where knowledge becomes rapidly outdated; where some degrees today will become obsolete tomorrow. Most people end up working in roles they never studied for. In fact, most employers no longer hire degrees. They hire thinkers and doers.

When you study at ALU, you will benefit from a proven leadership-driven education for the real world. You’ll graduate as a leader equipped with the skills, resources and network to shape your career and your future, no matter where it takes you.

Students at ALU are ready to succeed in the future, no matter what it brings or how it changes.

Sepiso Mwamelo,

Sepiso completed her degree from ALU while working with ESSA (a UK-based non-profit dedicated to advancing innovation in universities in sub-Saharan Africa) as an intern on their Pilot Scholarship Impact Hub program. 

During her internship, Sepiso helped redesign Colgate-Palmolive’s sales databases and implemented a new Africa-focused marketing and distribution strategy.

Alice Mukashyaka,

Rural homes and schools across Rwanda now have access to clean, sustainable energy thanks to Alice Mukashyaka. Her organization Starlight (recently featured in Forbes) replaces kerosene lamps with locally-made, solar-powered lanterns to reduce emissions on the local level. 

Starlight operates on a women-led business model — recruiting, training, and supporting local women to sell and distribute the solar lights and become clean-energy micro-entrepreneurs themselves

Noah Walakira,

Noah is the founder of Namirembe Sweater Makers, a community-based organization that deals with knitting sweaters, headgears, scarves, and gloves. Noah’s company has successfully trained over 70 young people and employs about 25 people full time.

The company’s goal is to eradicate poverty in Africa by training 20 young Africans yearly, equipping them to start their own ventures.

Get ready to own your future

Your future isn’t waiting for you, it’s waiting on you. At the African Leadership University, we believe that your education should help you get ready. Ready to lead; ready to thrive; and ready to achieve the goals you set for yourself and set you on the way to living a life of impact.

Own your
successful career.

When you study at ALU, you will be prepared for success in the world after graduation. 

You will identify what it takes to find meaningful professional paths, and be guided in using your time here to prepare for this future with the relevant skills, experiences, knowledge, and network that you will need to succeed.

Own your
personal impact.

Your education at ALU will be built around the impact you want to make in the world.

At ALU you will start by voicing a mission that motivates and inspires you and then you gather the tools, knowledge and network that will help you bring this mission to life right now. You will also be prepared to adapt and pivot as new missions, opportunities and passions enter your world.

Own your

Be prepared for the future, no matter how it keeps changing.

ALU will equip you with future-proof education that helps you succeed today and remain relevant tomorrow. You will be equipped with the knowledge and skills that are time-proof, preparing them not just with an understanding of today’s opportunities, but also, tomorrow’s challenges

Is ALU right for you?

ALU is for future ethical and entrpereneurial leaders – people who are bold, courageous and care about making an impact. Are you one of them?  

Attend ALU and..

Get ready to
take on the world!

When you study at ALU, you will graduate with more than just a degree. You will embark on a self-driven, personalised learning journey supported by self-sourced resources, tools and network.

Through this, you will turn into a leader with drive, resilience, humility and a sense of purpose. So whether you choose to work individually or with other ALU students, you will develop reciprocal relationships with the communities around you and be connected to compelling and meaningful opportunities where you will learn by doing through field based and real-world experiences.


Graduate with a portfolio that highlights your leadership report, skills map, and mission manifesto.

21st Century

Be equipped with the top skills that employers are looking for.


Publish a thesis that highlights your key learnings and insights from your learning experience.


Graduate with a portfolio highlighting the work you have done that illustrate your competence to future employers.

Pan-African &
Global Network

Build lifelong relationships with current and future influential leaders who can help fuel your ambitions.

One Year of Work

Gain one full year of work experience from at least 3 internships before graduation.


Gain entrepreneurial experience through starting a venture of your own that you can later build to great success.


Graduate with any of 2 accredited degrees that are built around your unique mission and professional pathway.

Two world-class campuses +
unlimited Pan-African (and global) opportunities =
one amazing experience.

Begin your journey in the Rwanda camps with the option to expand your horizons to any of our vibrant student communities in over 20 locations in Africa and the rest of the world.



unlike anything
you’ve experienced



Total annual tuition.

We want to know what defines you.

Applications to ALU are now open! Please fill the form to get started. Our application process is designed to help you explore and unlock your creativity and discover what makes you a leader. We are looking for students that are excited by the possibility of shaping their own future, not at some point, but today. We are looking for students who want to change the world. Are you one of them?


ALU’s tuition is $3000 per year. Additional expenses will be incurred based on the student’s university location for the first term. Scholarships and grants are available to those with significant financial need.


Here’s what our 3 step application process entails:

After your application has been submitted and reviewed by our team, you will receive an admission decision email with all necessary information on your admission status, please read this carefully.


If you have applied right before the application deadline, you can expect your decision within one week after the deadline.

ALU has two campuses: Rwanda and Mauritius.

On our Rwanda campus, students who apply and are admitted for the 2022-2023 academic year will commence their studies over three trimesters starting as indicated below. 

  • January 2023 intake – starts 9 January 2023 (Applications Closed)
  • May 2023 intake – starts 8 May 2023 (Applications Closed)
  • September 2023 intake – starts 28 August 2023 (Applications Closed)
  • January 2024 intake  (Applications open)
  • May 2024 intake (Applications open)

Each cohort will have the opportunity to choose either the BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering or BSc (Hons) in Entrepreneurial Leadership degree programmes during their third trimester and once ALU’s re-accreditation process of the two programmes has been finalised. 

Accreditation information:

Accredited programmes in Rwanda

ALU is accredited in Rwanda to offer the following undergraduate degree programmes

  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science
  • BA (Hons) Entrepreneurship
  • BA (Hons) Global Challenges
  • BA (Hons) International Business and Trade

Re-accreditation  of Programme

In its quest to better serve more students in the COVID and post COVID environment, ALU is currently undergoing review of the following programmes.
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science to BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering
  • BSc (Hons) Global Challenges to BSc (Hons) in Entrepreneurial Leadership

Teach out programmes

From January 2022, ALU Rwanda will place all the current accredited programmes (indicated below) on teach out. This means that we will continue to offer these qualifications to students already enrolled until they graduate; however ALU will not be admitting new students to these qualifications from January 2022 onwards. 

  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science
  • BA (Hons) Entrepreneurship
  • BA (Hons) Global Challenges
  • BA (Hons) International Business and Trade

We’re excited to get to know you.