UNSUNG: Trading for Future Generations

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Great Leadership is mission-driven. We blaze trails with a purpose and a destination. ALU is on a mission to transform Africa through leadership. We inspire and groom leaders to tailor their missions towards this uniform goal of sustaining the continent and unleashing its potential.

Come along as we walk you through one of our leader’s missions and his journey thus far.

Jean Mushi is an entrepreneurial leader from Uganda. He runs Vision Capital, a company that is based in South Sudan, Uganda and Burundi. He is an ALU Alumnus from the Founding Business Management Class of 2015 with a story that demands to be sung!

Growing up, Jean realised that in the African context, the typical inheritance is ‘Black Tax’ and ‘Problems’. Black tax is the responsibility children inherit immediately after getting their first paycheck to become their family’s financial rock. Thus, they take care of problems ranging from debts to basic daily needs. This is not the case in our friendly neighbours in most parts of the world, where the common trend is trust funds, family businesses, and other financial bedrocks that sustain fore-generations – not the other way around.

Coming to ALU Mauritius, Jean was exposed to a different way of life. A life where families create a sustainable financial foundation for their succeeding generations – a privilege he never benefited from. This problem became the root from which his mission, “Trading for Generations”, stemmed.

Jean seeks to create wealth for his succeeding generations and inspire others to do the same through his business venture. Through the self-assessing and practical project management learning model at ALU, Jean discovered his niche and was provided with the necessary resources to create a foundation on which to build his company, Vision Capital.

Vision Capital Company Limited is a general trading and investment company dealing with services including; portfolio management and investments, financial advisory, securities brokerage, business consultancy and mentorship. The company’s mission is to provide a broad and coordinated range of excellent, timely financial services that help its clients make well-informed investment decisions and create wealth for their generations – enriching lives through sustainable investment in East Africa and beyond. The company was founded in 2019 and has employed over 100 people to date.

Furthermore, Vision Capital is managing about 4500 portfolios and over 325 investments. The company also has a Forex Academy enrolling traders seeking expertise on best practices in the field, emerging trends, technologies as well as crypto-trading.

It’s safe to say that Jean is DOING HARD THINGS – he is creating unparalleled social and financial impact for such a young company. His mission to sustain his generation and others’ is coming to fulfilment and is inspiring others to embark on the same journey.

The living standard of Africans in the next 20, 50, 100 years is inevitably the total of our efforts and impact. Jean has determined the role he will play in the continent’s development – creating a self-sufficient, wealthy and sustainable Africa.

What is your mission?

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