Top Five 2019 Goals in ALU

Get insights on some of the common goals that the ALU community members have set for 2019.

“It’s a new year!” – simply saying it out loud feels like a breath of fresh air. 2019 is here and we can’t wait to use this year to grow while exploring our potential as leaders and change makers. One of the key markers of a new year is goal setting, and the ALU community didn’t want to be different. This article will explore some of the most shared goals that members of the ALU community have set for 2019 – check them out!

1. Health and fitness. In line with holistic development, a significant number of people want to pursue health and fitness in 2019. Taking care of ourselves on a physical level is important as it may improve our quality of life as well as our productivity. This goal ties in with self-discipline and resilience which is one of the ALU values. Whether it is sticking to a healthy diet or the discipline to go through a work out after a long day, one needs to constantly endure the process. In case you have not set your goals and are looking for a fun, exciting, and physically rewarding goal, this is an area you should definitely consider.

“I plan to use a workout application that will suggest relevant home workout exercises based on my goals. Having an app fitness goal is an amazing way to power yourself toward success.”

– Sidney Raini, 1st-year student Rwanda

2. Managing finances. One of the most important things in life is learning how to manage your resources and achieving financial security. This year, a huge number of students have expressed an interest in pursuing financial management with the aim of being better at making investments and prudent financial decisions. Our sister institution ALFC has received credits for inspiring this goal in some of the students, especially after they launched a financial literacy course late 2018 which equipped students with information on financial security and how to go about securing their financial future. Students are now more confident in planning for their financial future.

3. Reading more books. The secrets of the universe seem to be hidden within literature which is why it is not a surprise that many people have prioritized reading as one of their top goals in 2019. As it stands, the library might just be everyone’s favorite spot this year. Some people want to expand the scope of the genres in which they read, others want to explore specific authors while there is a group of people who want to take the bold step of reading beyond school books. This is a pretty exciting goal and who knows, maybe this could be the beginning of one or two book clubs in the future!

4. Intentionality. Among the shared goals, this year people want to practice intentionality. This goal stands out as it is not only unique but also very personal. Intentionality is about being deliberate and full of purpose in whatever one chooses to embark on. Being intentional enables us to overcome barriers and do hard things seeking restless excellence. Many people are interested in understanding their purpose in life and being intentional about it can accelerate this process. As a goal, intentionality can serve as a boost to other goals making it one of the most powerful life decisions anyone could make. We are excited to see how we shall break barriers and achieve amazing things this year as a result of our purpose-driven attitude.

5. Being courageous and confident. Last but certainly not least, members of the ALU community aim at having confidence and courage to pursue their passion and interests. These look different for everyone but what is shared is the idea that believing in one’s self is an important step in achieving greatness. This is the year when we shall not be afraid to voice our opinions in class or apply for that “hard to get” internship.

“My goals this year is to be confident in myself and in my work and above that believe in my dreams by deliberately speaking things into existence”

-Nyaguthii Nyoro, 2nd Year: Global Challenges Student.


Working towards achieving our goals can be a hard process which is why having a supportive community, such as ALU, is vital. As we progress through 2019 it is important to keep each other accountable and motivated about pursuing our goals. At the same time, we need to be patient with ourselves because having goals is the beginning of achieving our dreams.

“The hardest part is starting. Once you get that out of the way, you’ll find the rest of the journey much easier.”

— Simon Sinek


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