The ALU Podcast: Demystifying Entrepreneurial leadership in Africa

The ALU Podcast is a student-run podcast with episodes that are produced & hosted by a group of bold and innovative students from ALU on a mission to demystify entrepreneurial leadership in Africa. With over 7000 listeners across 6 continents, in more than 90 countries, the ALU Podcast has seen massive success since its inception in December 2019. As Africa’s first-ever podcast focusing on Entrepreneurial Leadership in the continent, the ALU Podcast has featured incredible and inspiring African entrepreneurial leaders like Rebecca Enonchong and Justin MacDonald, and it continues to inspire listeners with more trailblazing guests.

After season one’s immense success, the ALU Podcast has recently launched the second season and we meet up with the team to explore the concept behind, and the importance of the podcast on the continent, guest selection, challenges faced, and what to look forward to in this new season.

“The ALU Podcast explores the intersection between great leadership and entrepreneurial thinking which is known as Entrepreneurial Leadership. It gives aspiring entrepreneurial leaders a platform to learn from real-life experiences of more established entrepreneurial leaders on how they overcame the challenges of starting and sustaining their venture. And hear from key industry experts on best practices, tips & advice that would help them in their entrepreneurial journey.”

The ALU Podcast features guests across different industries and types of entrepreneurship. From agriculture to digital finance, to social entrepreneurship and marketing leadership, episodes cover a range of topics that influence upcoming entrepreneurs. One of the recent episodes themed “Social Innovation For Africa: African Innovators Solving African Problems” featuring LEAP founder and AACE Food Processing and Distribution co-founder Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli, explores how African entrepreneurs can be the solution to African problems by leveraging innovation and technology.

“The most important for us is the story. When selecting guests, we do not only focus on the great things they have accomplished, we also consider the story they want to tell and how it can inspire entrepreneurs across the continent.”

What are some of the challenges you face in the creation of each episode?

“Before the COVID crisis, our main challenge was the logistics around inviting guests on our campus for a recording. It was a sort of obstacle for us because we couldn’t really invite guests that were not in Mauritius. However, the crisis has forced us to change our way of working and move online. While we can now invite any guests to our podcast using sophisticated software, we face new challenges like internet access or time zone differences. In order to align with our guest calendars, we found ourselves recording some episodes at 6 am, some at 11 pm.

But, we love creating content and telling inspiring stories, so we always find a way to paddle through these challenges.”

What can people look forward to in season two?

“Three words summarize what you should expect in this season: Bigger, Bolder, Better.”

A bigger, bolder, and better season indeed with guests ranging from award-winning CEO Ramatoulaye Diallo on Digital Finance to Michael Abtar on Data Privacy. This season is without a doubt a jam-packed season.

Where can people access the ALU Podcast?
The ALU Podcast is available on Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Breaker, Overcast, Radio Public, and Pocket Casts.”

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