The ALU Podcast: Demystifying Entrepreneurial leadership in Africa

The ALU Podcast is a student-run podcast with episodes that are produced & hosted by a group of bold and innovative students from ALU on a mission to demystify entrepreneurial leadership in Africa. With over 7000 listeners across 6 continents, in more than 90 countries, the ALU Podcast has seen massive success since its inception […]

ALU Global Focus: Insights on Africa’s Greatest Challenges and Opportunities

The ALU Global Challenges Degree Program, which is the first-ever of its kind in the continent, has seen numerous exciting and impactful projects emerge from students who are taking this course. The “declare missions and not majors” nature of the program has allowed students to tackle global challenges and explore global opportunities through creative ways. […]

How Alyssa Baylor found Education in Africa

Alyssa Baylor is one of the founding faculty members of ALU’s Leadership Core course, Communicating for Impact. She has a degree in International Relations from Trinity College in Connecticut, USA. Alyssa is from Brooklyn, New York. In the Beginning “I grew up in a very diverse community, from my perspective.” Surrounded by people of African, African-American, […]