Student Run Clubs at ALU Rwanda

This article features three pioneer student-run clubs at ALU Rwanda.


“Clubs and Societies allow students to immerse themselves in causes and activities that firstly, pick their interests and secondly, engages their energy in non-academic spaces.” -Sibane Nxumalo


Clubs and societies are a key element of ALU student life as they allow students to interact outside class and share experiences. One year after its inauguration, ALU Rwanda has about thirteen registered clubs. These clubs are student-run and have given students a chance to get immersed in their passions. In this article, we will highlight some of the pioneer clubs that set the pace for the very active environment at ALU Rwanda. They are part of shaping the culture and providing members of the ALU community with a sense of community belonging.



Campeedia is a student-run, Afro media organization that creates media tools to connect Africans to ideas and interests they care about in Africa, by empowering them to generate content for the continent linked to these ideas. The Campeedia platform has already 200 members and over 2000 Facebook connections. This club has harnessed the opportunity in storytelling by giving students a chance to tell their own stories and drive their narratives to match their situations. The platform has been a space for conversations on important topics such as regional integration, religious tolerance, and feminism. Campeedia also takes the journalistic role of informing the community about current issues both internally and in the world in general. Through them, the idea of authentic and impactful African journalism is being realized in ALU Rwanda

Kupambana Afrika

Kupambana Afrika, better known as Kupambana, is a Pan-African organization that is aimed at empowering African youth by providing skills, community engagement and consciousness of a positive self-image on the continent. It also seeks to Positively contribute to the preservation of African legacies and history. Currently, the club has over 100 members, which is expected to rise after the successful club fair held to introduce the first year students to the clubs available. In the spirit of bringing in cohesion and regional integration, Kupambana has held many projects – from writing competitions to the recent language programme where students can learn different languages including  French, Kiswahili, and Arabic. The first of this classes will be a three month intensive in French, which is spoken by a large population of the student body. Kupambana has been a pillar of unity emphasizing the theme of Pan Africanism and African consciousness to the ALU community and they seek to grow beyond the ALU Rwanda to impact an even bigger population.

The Knights (Chess Club)

Clubs are about bringing in people with similar interests together, and the Knights are the perfect definition of that. The chess club started off as an informal hangout of chess players and enthusiasts on and off campus. Players would meet up bring out their chess boards (which they had traveled with from home) and engage in the mind duel. Eventually, this group of people decided to make this formal and the rest is history. Now the Knights are a community of strategic thinkers whose presence on campus reminds us we can always find time for things we love. They host tournaments periodically and are very open to teaching people about the sport.


Some of the other pioneer clubs include; Umva (drama club), Kuvumbura (production club), Soul Searchers (Christian fellowship), The Parley (Debate club) and Cinema club. These clubs are important to ALU Rwanda because they play a huge role in shaping the culture and providing members of the ALU community with a sense of family and belonging. They also set the pace for a journey that has been full of excitement leading to more clubs on campus such as the ALU Model United Nations and Toastmasters (a Public Speaking club).

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