Have the time of your life

At ALU, we believe that you should live an exhilarating life and never experience a dull day. ALU is a time for you to engage with brilliant minds, to laugh, support each other, and do almost anything you ever imagined. You will find an environment where you are encouraged to enjoy life to its fullest, because we believe life is too short not to have fun. Initiatives like ALUAlive and Student-Run ventures help you to make the most of your experience at ALU and have the time of your life!


Your life matters immensely to the world, and we want you to live such a long life so you can achieve your big goals. As such we have developed the ALU Alive! programme to help you pace yourself, eat healthily, experience emotional well-being, exercise, have an active social life, and so much more. ALU Alive is a framework that empowers you to consciously craft and maintain your own well being. It consists of 5 components: ALU Connect, ALU Move, ALU Give, ALU Maintain and ALU Unplug. All the parts of ALU Alive work together to ensure that you remain active, happy and fulfilled.

ALUConnect: Engage with the world around you. Integrate into the ALU and Mauritian community, culture and customs. Build and maintain lifelong friendships and networks through advisory squads, shared living spaces, social outings and just making time for friends and family. ALUConnect lets you laugh and share with those around you.

ALUMove: Maintain a healthy body and mind through physical activity. Get active and participate in physically engaging games and challenges such as ultimate frisbee, swimming, soccer, volleyball, basketball and more. Build your team spirit through team sports.

ALUGive: Give your time and resources to help others. Utilize your strengths, talents and resources to give back to the community. We partner with SOS Poverty Mauritius and other local organisations to mentor in the community and clean the environment.

ALUMaintain: Ensure harmony and balance in mind, body and spirit. Focus on your overall alignment and well being with guided nutrition and hygiene talks, counselling, fitcamp and spiritual engagement.

ALUUnplug: Taking time out to recharge, reflect, recover and rest. Find your center. Hike and do yoga to take time to reflect, rest and recover during Quiet time and recharge during Time Out sessions

Student-Run Projects

ALU is all about you. Here at ALU you take ownership of your own experience and are given the freedom to design the ALU of your dreams. Through the Entrepreneurial Leadership foundation course where soft skills and leadership mindsets are learned, you are able to create numerous student-run projects that enhance your learning experience. Some projects and clubs include Snack Time, an on-campus convenience store and ALU’s first student-run project, and Banza, ALU’s first club and online literary publication.

Student Committees

Assembly: What do you do when your busy, engaging and fruitful week is finally coming to an end? You go for an ALU Assembly. This is a time when the entire ALU community comes together to reflect on the past week. The Assembly Committee organises a show that entertains, informs, educates and inspires everyone.

Student Representative Council
The Student Representative Council (SRC) is a group of students that have been elected by the study body to represent the interests of the student body in administrative matters pertaining to their ALU experience. They work hand in hand with the university to ensure that student voices are heard and support students in their holistic development and well-being through the guidelines and bylaws of the SRC Constitution. The SRC consists of the following positions: SRC President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Academics Rep, ALU Alive Rep, Social Transformation Rep, and Clubs and Societies Rep. All students are eligible to run for positions within the SRC. 

Election Committee
The Election Committee is an independent group of students who organize and run elections for the positions of the Student Representative Council. They serve as a body to ensure elections are conducted fairly and in compliance with the SRC constitution. 

ALU Alive Committee
ALU Alive Committee is made up of 5 students who represent the different components of the ALU Alive Model (#Move, #Connect, #Unplug, #Maintain, #Give). They work with the ALU Alive Rep of the SRC to organize events and initiatives to support the overall wellness of the student body in these 5 initiatives. Activities of the Committee include organizing intra- and inter-university sporting events, community service and engagement, yoga and meditation, and more. 

Class Representatives
Each class at ALU by year and program has a representative dedicated to ensuring that feedback and concerns pertaining to academics are raised through the SRC. Class Reps work with the Academic Rep of the SRC to provide real-time feedback on the academic experience and support in the dissemination of information through the SRC and administration.