Student Life

ALU Student Life Departmental vision is to enable our students to embark on a holistic journey throughout which they are able to own their development and growth towards becoming well-rounded leaders at ALU and beyond.

Our mission is to empower students to co-design robust and quality programs centered around student support and development, to maintain a safe and well-run campus, and to provide spaces for engagement and positive culture building.

Student Life @ ALU

ALU offers a wide variety of events aimed at building community and showcasing our students.

Events are ongoing throughout the academic year and range from monthly community lunches and Assemblies, to yearly student run events such as ArtsFest, and Wellness Week. 

Student Programs

ALU has several programs that enhance our students experience and make ALU a unique place to study.

These programs include our Student Ventures Program, Student Leadership Program, Leadership Wellness, Work Study Program where you can gain real life work experience and many more.

You will also find a range of sports, clubs and activities to engage with on campus as well as community service programs such as our fundraising initiatives and children homes visits.

ResLife and Wellness on Campus

At ALU we want to support your overall well being. We strive for all students to feel safe and cared for while on campus. At ALU, we encourage all our students to live in our fully equipped residences and provide support via our student Residential Advisers and larger ResLife team.

Our ResLife programme aims to support our students holistically to promote a diverse, dynamic, and communal environment in the residences. 

We also have a robust wellness program to help support you during your time at ALU. Whether you would like a one on one check in with a psychologist or with a peer counselor, or are looking for a support group for a specific concern, or if you just want to learn ways to enhance your well being, we are here for you.