Student Blog: An empowering learning experience

“I am finding my second year very exciting” my friend shares, hardly concealing the excitement in her voice. “I love the fact that we are given all kinds of resources and are trusted to do the necessary readings and research to understand different units. I can learn at my own pace, go for office hours if I have lingering questions, and it leaves me enough time to live my life. I could have never asked for a better learning experience.”

It’s a Monday morning, the first day of a week long break after seven weeks of intense academic work. My friend and I are enjoying the cool breeze of the ocean from our residence’s skyroom as I braid her hair and trade stories about our second year at ALU.

The year started on a rough note as we struggled to adjust to the new system of owning our own education. We had been told there would be no lectures but the experience still caught us off guard. We had to read and watch academic materials, come up with our own analysis and be prepared to share with the rest of the class during class every week. Nevertheless, we’ve grown to love the whole experience and found our own tune with the workflow.

As my friend recounted her story, my mind drifted back to my own. I have chosen Business Management as my major at ALU in order to gain a better understanding of the business world. My one year’s worth of work experience before I started ALU and my internship last year gave me a lot of context on the basic operations I could expect to be part of in a business environment. However, I always felt like I was missing something, like there was more to the activities I took part in and the people I worked with that I was not in on.

A few weeks ago, after a group assignment for our Economics class, I reached out to my dad to gain more understanding on why the demand and supply curves for gold looked different from the one’s I had learnt in my self work. Soon we were talking about all kinds of economic concepts, and I found it all fascinating!

And that’s not it all, thanks to my Human Resources (HR) course, I can design an HR framework, or go through the whole recruitment process with a strong sense of the best human resources practices. I have learnt how management has evolved, as part of my Management Issues and Concepts course, different management models, organisational structures, how and why they work, as well as identifyed them in different companies I know or have been part of.

My second year here at ALU has not only helped me understand better the business world, it has been a very empowering learning experience. I feel more and more confident in my ability to make meaningful contributions to the companies I work with by understanding the history and context in which they run. The most amazing part part though, is that this is all just the beginning!

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