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Everyone’s different—including you.

That’s why at ALU, we don’t do “one size fits all” education. ALU’s Leadership Core program and the first year of real work experience will prepare you for our unique approach to individualized learning. We build the skills that you, as a young leader and entrepreneur will need for the future. Harness the characteristics essential for creating a mission-based life of impact and purpose.

All ALU students develop 21st-century skills and network that will remain relevant amidst rapid global change. Want to guide that change? With the right education, you can.


Is ALU for you?

Are you a mission-driven change-maker?  

All ALU students get the opportunity to harness the characteristics essential for creating a mission-based life of impact and purpose. This means a core part of our programme is challenging you to identify the impact you want to have in the world. We then develop the 21st-century skills and network you need as a young leader and entrepreneur, to help achieve this impact.  

Do you want to be ready for the world of tomorrow?  

At ALU we believe the key to success is not memorising facts and figures that can change, but on learning life-long skills that you can apply throughout your career. This is why we intentionally develop skills like self-leading, leading others, entrepreneurial thinking, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, managing complex projects, and communication in students through practice, on-the-job experience, coaching, and regular feedback - in conjunction with our academic programmes.  

Do you want to belong to a pan-African community?  

ALU has students from over 40 countries. Our students become part of a talented, diverse community from around the world. They are surrounded by driven, talented, and passionate classmates. They are exposed to ALU’s unique and powerful network of mentors, guest speakers, experts-in-residence, industry leaders, investors, ALU staff, and employers.  

If your answer is yes, then ALU is right for you!


Hear from ALU Students about their experience 

"I feel extremely lucky to have through the ALU Journey and I would do it all over again if I could! The exposure I have received through both work experience, classroom experiential, and extensive academic training allowed me to deepen my knowledge about what it means to be an agent of change in 21st century Africa. The leadership I nurtured during the past 3 years and a half at ALU is rooted in empowering individuals and fostering solidarity between activists."  

 Amina Alaoui Soulimani  

"When I am asked about what I love the most about ALU, my answer is always the people. I have dived into a diverse community with a rich culture and brilliant perspectives. I have learnt so much from the faculty and my peers. I’m always excited to have fruitful conversations that drive my growth."

Mariam Junaa Mhina  

"One thing I like about ALU is the work-study program. It gives students the opportunity to practice what they do in class, develop new skills, and most importantly take their first steps in the professional world. I’m currently a study intern at ALC Mauritius where, as a Residential Assistant, I drive the cultural integration of over 100 students from 35+ countries by organising social events and managing their queries. It’s an edifying experience in the sense where it contributes to the development of my leadership, planning, time management and communication skills that I will need once I’m in the professional world."  

Amara Rendy Soumahoro  

"My absolute favourite thing about ALU is the strong sources of mentorship that are available to us. We constantly have executives from top companies visiting us all the time in addition to the super talented staff we have on campus. Not only that, the student body has a very diverse skill set across all campuses who are extremely supportive. I was able to start my own organization with the help of colleagues and staff members at ALU. Some of them even serve on my board of directors and helped me raise over $130,000 in donations in less than 6 months."  

Ashraf A. Ismail