Re-imagine Your Gap Year Experience at ALU Rwanda

In this article, we share seven reasons why you should spend your gap year at ALU Rwanda.


What if you could achieve, in one year, what some people don’t achieve in a lifetime? This article highlights some reasons why spending a gap year at ALU Rwanda is a fantastic idea. Here are some highlights on why you should consider ALU Rwanda in  your gap year plans:

  1. 1000 hills and 1000 experiences. Get immersed in a rich culture in the city of a thousand hills, Kigali. Kigali offers a unique learning experience as it is one of the most vibrant developing cities in Africa with outstanding leaps in education, business and leadership. Dubbed the cleanest and safest city in Africa, Kigali has a perfect environment for exploration and self-development.
  2. Africa Immersion. ALU gives you the chance to have front row seat at the fastest growing continent in the world. This is the best place to foster your pan-African spirit with over 35 nationalities represented in ALU Rwanda. Through interaction with people from different cultures, social-economic backgrounds, and political histories, strong bonds and partnerships are possible. It is also an extremely fun and colorful experience.
  3. Get ahead in your career through Leadership Core. The Leadership Core programme secures your professional future. It is a unique world-class learning model that allows students to acquire 21st-century skills. Skills acquired from the Leadership Core are versatile and would make a student thrive in any career path they chose to pursue. During the programme, students get a chance to work on real-time case studies with existing firms to give them a feel of the work environment.
  4. ALU Culture. ALU Rwanda has developed a unique Community founded on diversity and fellowship. As part of this Community, one gets the chance to be part of the school spirit that is vibrant and rich in depth due to the mixture of culture, language, ideas, and interests. This can be achieved through any of the thirteen clubs and societies, monthly school Assembly, seminal readings and other activities in the school.
  5. Expand your network. Through ALU students have access to a global network of experts, leaders, and entrepreneurs. At the same time, they are exposed to the richly diverse pan-African environment which is a useful tool to stay current with trends in the global society. Kigali is an active city and students get a chance to be part of the change, leadership, and innovation through access to some of the events in the city. In the past, students have had access to the Mo Ibrahim Governance Weekend 2018 and Smart Africa Summit, amongst others.
  6. Flexibility. A gap year is all about flexibility and ALU offers a variety of options including 4, 8 or 12 months gap year programmes and top it all is an internship. These options allow one to get into the programme at their convenience and gain professional experience that is key in career development.
  7. Credits. Through the ALU gap year programme, students get to earn internationally recognized credits. These can be used in applying for admission to schools and jobs. It is also a fulfilling reward for a gap year well spent after all the hard work and growth.

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