Re-Defining Success Through Self-Leadership

A riveting interpretation of the “Key to success” through the lens of self-leadership.


We live in a world where success is sought after by literally everyone. It is not surprising that conversations around the “key to success” are always on the agenda during different discussions. ALU exists to develop leaders and to get to this goal, it is important for young leaders to understand their goals and how to achieve them. This article reflects on the keys to success from the perspective of ALU students.

The reason behind the fact that there are many ways of achieving success is that success itself can be interpreted differently by everyone. Success is not “one size fits all”, but a custom design that each of us needs to discover. In essence, we have different purposes, therefore, success may look different for each of us. One of the key things emphasized in the ALU community is the importance of owning one’s leadership journey. Instead of getting invested in other people’s success, ALU encourages students to design their paths by defining the key to achieving their goals. 

Achieving our goals is a journey that is marked by different growth points, lessons, and achievements. The greatest leaders in the world have a combination of skills which propel them to greatness, thus, aspiring leaders need to work towards gaining these varieties of skills to achieve greatness. The ALU community practices a reflection culture where members of the community often take time to look at their glows (what they’ve done well) and grows (what they need to improve on). The combination of these activities gives students an opportunity to develop in multiple areas necessary in their pursuit of success.

The path to achieving our goals and reaching our purpose can seem difficult. Yet, at the same, it is thrilling to meet an array of people and utilize opportunities that are instrumental in shaping our journeys. One of the highlights of being in a community of ambitious and passionate leaders is that it reduces the pressure to perfect one’s success story. Instead, young aspiring leaders find support and motivation to chart their paths to success.

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