Course Overview

Projects Course aims to introduce you to managing complex problems effectively and in a structured manner. The course exposes you to real life problems by allowing you to work 3 to 4 unique real-time projects with clients in different industries, with a focus on Africa. By doing so, you will learn how to work in teams, incorporate feedback, and break down complex problems into manageable structured tasks. Unlike other courses which are broken down into units, Projects will be centered around the distinct 3 to 4 Projects.

Core Skills:

Structuring the Problem, Defining the Problem, Visualizing Data, Conducting Analysis, Developing Solutions and Recommendations, Monitoring and Controlling, Work Planning and Resource Requirements.

Project Overviews

Project One
You will be tasked with a generalist project in any industry with a mission-critical problem to be solved- focusing on developing skills in critical thinking and research.

Project Two
Focus on structuring an expansion framework by identifying opportunities, creative and systems thinking and structuring.

Project Three
Engage with key marketing concepts in this marketing focused project. You will develop the skills to understand a given context and make decisions based on that information.

Project Four
To Be Determined


Name: Shana-Michelle Rabonda
Country: South Africa
University: Rhodes University, South Africa

Name: Persis Merab Ashers
Country: Kenya
University: United States International University Africa, Kenya

Name: Rushika Jayprakash Pattni
Country: Tanzania
University: Yale University, United States