Entrepreneurial Leadership

Course Overview

Premised on the philosophy that leadership is a never-ending journey, Entrepreneurial Leadership (EL) explores the intersection between great leaders and entrepreneurial thinking. In this course, you will learn skills and mindsets needed to create positive impact and transformation in Africa. As an entrepreneurial leader, you will have the self-driven mindsets, skills, and tools to unlock your leadership potential; become a high performing citizen of the highest integrity; and transform your own life, the lives of your peers, your community, and the world.

Core Skills:

Self Awareness, Proactivity, Lifelong Values, Self-Improvement, Self-regulation, Empathy, Diversity, Build Relationships, Feedback, Collaboration, Systems Thinking, Identifying Opportunities, Human-Centered Thinking, Creativity & Innovation, Continuous Iteration.

Unit Overviews

Unit 1: Understanding User Needs
Go through the first half of a design challenge: Solving Problems for your Immediate Community. Here, you will learn and experience the power of human centered design as a creative approach to problem solving. At the end of this unit, the goal is to truly understand a user and their needs.

Unit 2: Ideation and Prototyping
This unit will focus on creativity and innovation, and prototyping. At the end of the unit, you will have a minimum viable product built, tested and iterated on your identified target user. The concept of pivoting will also be introduced to encourage you to see invalidation of an idea as an opportunity to improve it and create solutions people will actually use.

Unit 3:
Be exposed to some of Africa’s most pressing challenges in the form of a second design challenge. Here, we empower you, as an agents of change, to be a transformative entrepreneurial leader in Africa. We do this by further developing the human centered design skills learned in Unit 1 and Unit 2 and practicing the BUILD (Believe, Understand, Invent, Listen, Deliver) framework. At the end of this unit, you will be able to identify and begin to design a solution to create social and economic value in a sustainable way.

Unit 4:
Dive into conducting a cost analysis and propose appropriate revenue streams. You will be introduced to legal concepts and draft a proposal for the appropriate legal entity for your venture, where it can be incorporated and identify relevant key legal issues. Your culminating project will be a pitch for the final ALU Innovate showcase.


Name: Katleho Mohono
Country: South Africa
University: University of Witwatersand, South Africa

Name: Tolulope Agunbiade
Country: Nigeria
University: University of Abuja, Nigeria

Name: Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor
Country: Ghana
University: University of Florida, United States

Name: Julia Paolillo
Country: United States
University: Middlebury College, United States

Name: Carmen Attikossie
Country: Togo
University: St. Catherine’s University, United States

Name: Demilade Oluwasina
Country: Nigeria
University: Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria