Communicating for Impact

Course Overview

This course will empower you with the communication and critical thinking skills essential for success as a scholar and future leader of the African continent. It springs from the belief that a nuanced understanding of written and spoken language and mastery of communication skills are essential to developing and expressing ideas that change the world.

You will be able to analyze audiences and adapt their communication strategies accordingly, craft well-organized texts, develop logical arguments and engage with the perspectives of others, and tell powerful stories that move people to action. At the end of this course, you will be prepared to engage and lead in a workforce that is increasingly communication-driven, as well as thrive in your chosen field of academic study. You will learn these skills through projects and deliverables that challenge and broaden your understanding of the world around you and your place in it.

Core Skills:

Grammar and Convention, Audience Awareness, Organisation, Voice, Writing Process, Public Speaking and Presentation, Critical Thinking

Unit Overviews

Unit 1: Grammar, Convention and Organisation
Learn the mechanics and conventions of the English language. Building on this foundation, you will continue to expand you understand of organisation and its impacts on both how ideas are expressed and understood by a reader.

Unit 2: Argument and Analysis
Deepen your understanding of argumentative writing through analysis and practice. By understanding argument as a tool of learning, you will advance your critical thinking skills and go beyond the “obvious” when considering key debates that shape your experiences. Explore the components that make for effective arguments and develop as a persuasive and thoughtful communicator able to present convincing, uniquely-expressed opinions, backed by relevant evidence, that engage the interests and needs of an audience.

Unit 3: Voice and Storytelling


Name: Efemena Odu
Country: Nigeria
University: Columbia University, United States

Name: Tofik Saad
Country: Eritrea, United Kingdom
University: London South Bank University, United Kingdom

Name: Zinhle Mkhabela
Country: South Africa
University: University of Witwatersrand, South Africa

Name: Sila Ogidi
Country: Nigeria, Turkey
University: Bryn Mawr College, United States

Name: Cassandra Ndahiro
Country: Rwanda, Finland
University: Nebraska Wesleyan University, United States