Our Policies

African Leadership College Off-Campus Policy

The African Leadership College Mauritius (ALC) is a residential college. We believe in the developmental value of a residentially based education and that residence living is a key component of a student's overall educational experience. For these reasons, provisions are made to house all students on campus throughout their undergraduate years. Students are required to live on campus unless they apply for and receive off-campus approval from the Residential Life. This policy documents the conditions for off-campus living and expectations thereof.

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Attendance Policy

ALC aims to provide the best student learning experience, hence the institution promotes total community engagement in all aspects of learning. Particularly in academics, attendance is a key element of student engagement. The attendance policy has been designed to ensure that students are getting access to a supportive learning environment needed to get the best of their studies at ALC.

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Data Protection Policy

These Guidelines are intended to promote good practice and assist members of ALC in processing personal information in accordance with the Mauritius Data Protection Act (2004). They are not intended to be an overview or summary of the Act but have been drafted in accordance with the Data Protection legislation, which includes the Act and all related regulations.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

We embrace diversity in background and thought and are committed to ensuring that all members of the community are treated with dignity and respect and that all forms of discrimination are systematically eliminated from the day to day activities of the organisation.

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Health and Safety Policy

African Leadership College (ALC) realizes and appreciates the importance of ensuring the health and safety of each and every member of our community and as such, we at all times strive to adhere to the required level of Health and Safety (H&S) standards applicable.

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Health and Safety Policy for Laboratories

Safety first! Health and safety are a priority when working in laboratories. This Health and Safety Policy has been set up particularly for the ALC’s Engineering Laboratories and is here to guide you (the user) by ensuring that you practice experiments and assignments safely at all times. Remember, your safety and the safety of those around is part of a healthy work and learning environment!

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Institutional Grievances Policy for Students

This Policy defines the scope and nature of student “Institutional Grievances” at ALC, sets out the procedure for students to make formal IGs to the institution, and maps outs the roles and responsibilities of staff members in handling IGs.

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Internship Policy for the African Leadership College

This policy has hereby been drafted in order to aid us in establishing the roles and responsibilities for all parties (Institution of Higher Education, the Employer Partner, and the Students, as defined) involved and in ensuring that an equitable process is available to all as it pertains to internships.

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Non-Academic Student Code of Conduct

At the African Leadership College (ALC), we are dedicated to personal growth and academic excellence towards our shared vision of empowering current and future African leaders. By choosing to join the community, you are agreeing to comply with certain standards of behavior.

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Refund Policy

The purpose of this document is to set out the refund policy for tuition and other related fees associated with full-time programs at “African Leadership (Mauritius) Ltd” and its subsidiaries, namely “African Leadership Unleashed Ltd trading as African Leadership College (Mauritius)”, also known as “African Leadership College”, and “African Leadership University”.

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Sexual Misconduct Policy

Our community is committed to fostering an environment in which all our community members are safe, secure, and free from sexual misconduct of any form.

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