Interns’ Experiences at ALC Mauritius

This blog features the experiences of three different interns who are currently interning at ALC Mauritius. They share their insights on what it means to work at ALC and how this impacts their professional development.

ALC Mauritius is a growing organization that has the vision of creating the next generation of African leaders that will drive the changes needed across the continent. However, this cannot be possible without a great team to drive this vision. In this regard, the ALU community across both campuses is home to over 200 professionals in diverse fields responsible for catering for students’ needs with the vision in mind. Regularly, the staff at both campuses welcome student interns from all over the world to intern with them so as to gain valuable work experience that is pivotal to them securing a full-time job wherever they want as well as develop themselves professionally. We caught up with Jonathan Kibe, Josie Cummings, Binta Ba, and Jackie Xu, students currently interning at ALC Mauritius and they share their insights on their experiences so far below:

My overall ALU experience has been pretty amazing. Since coming here, I have learnt so much about the professional world, gained a lot of skills and honed the ones that I already had, I have made great connections because of the great networking available here. I have also had the opportunity to do the things that I haven’t done before. I think the great thing about ALU is that they don’t treat me like a typical intern. I actually have responsibilities; I have a role within the team and I feel like I am a valid member in it. I don’t get busy running around for errands. My role actually has an impact. I know that everything that I do is meaningful and has a purpose. Future ALC interns should not be afraid of work and should not be scared of challenging themselves. The flexibility also allows you to thrive at areas that you are passionate about to add value to the institution.” – Binta Ba, 22, USA.

My experience at ALU has been incredibly eye opening and inspiring. I have been working with the marketing team, specifically to create digital content in the photography/film realm to be published on social media.
Upon arrival in Mauritius, I found myself immediately immersed in all that ALU is and does. From that very first day, I was working on projects, creating my own projects, and learning more than I could have possibly imagined. As a part of the marketing team, I have had the opportunity to meet so many incredible people, seeing as I am constantly “covering” different events both on and off campus. I have attended student led club meetings, spent a week with exchange students from GCU, and even visited Rwanda to help run the ALU Business of Conservation Conference.
I have learnt more than I can even put into words, but I think the most valuable lesson for me has to do with the difficulty of change. In other words, the ALU mission is so immense and challenging, and yet everyone who works here is devoted and passionate about making the impossible possible. We are constantly encouraged to “do hard things” and to not give up in the face of hardship. For me, this has been particularly inspiring, and I do believe that these lessons will serve me well in my future careers. I will not give up because things are hard, but instead, will do things because they are hard.Josie Cummings, 18, USA.

“I currently intern with People Ops. I had no expectations coming to ALU because I had never done this before. I had just graduated from high school and transitioning to a space far away from home and what I am used to. It was a bit stressful at the beginning because I had to learn a lot of things like how to budget, how to use my money, and waking up early to go to work. My mum used to wake me up before but now I had to wake myself up. If I am late for the shuttle, I have to find my way to work still. All these things coupled with the work that I do allow me to take ownership of my life and to grow independently. Whatever I do or don’t do actually affects the organization. Working here has stretched me a lot. I have gotten involved in stuff I like and stuff I don’t like. In a nutshell, I have been empowered to take ownership of my life as a growing adult and secondly, I actually see that my input matters and affects the organization based on how I carry out a deliverable.” – Jonathan Kibe, 20, Kenya.

What brought me to ALU was my deep interests in learning about how different institutions around the world are trying to change the way we do education. During my time here, I have been working with the Computing department, the Registrar’s office and the Entrepreneurship program team. I also got the privilege to build some of the tech communities here and had the chance to work with empowerment groups on campus. One of my favourite parts of interning here is getting to meet students who come from all over Africa and getting to know their aspirations as young leaders on the continent. It was fun sharing in their diverse cultures.” – Jackie Xu, USA.

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