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How do you define success
in your life?

For some, it means changing the world for the better, creating a better life for themselves and their families. . For others, it’s about making a mark on the world, creating opportunities for others, or even tackling some of the grand challenges facing our planet. Whichever way you define the impact you’re looking to make - your University should help set you on your way.

Are you like most people?

Most people go to a university that...

  • Doesn’t prepare them for a job
  • Doesn’t prepare them to create their own jobs
  • Was not prepared for the pandemic
  • Is led by conventional/traditional leaders
  • Teaches them only through boring lectures and theory
  • Doesn’t have a relationship with them after graduation day
  • Doesn’t connect them with opportunities beyond the classroom
  • Attend ALU

  • Get well-equipped for a job
  • Prepares you to create your own job and jobs for others
  • Be part of a learning system that is optimized for the pandemic
  • Be led by some of the most innovative educators in the world
  • Learn through hands-on, real-world experiences and amazing peers
  • Be part of a network for life that helps you secure opportunities
  • Become part of a thriving pan-African-global network of experts, mentors, partners and investors.
  • Students at ALU are equipped
    to make an impact in the world.

    Melissa completed 10 internships and training programs with organizations tackling economic development, health and inclusion. These internships included Ashinaga (Japan), Google (Ireland), Bain & Co. (South Africa), the Gates Foundation and INSEAD. As a Gender Equality Representative at the World Government Summit, she advocates for the progression of women in society and the upliftment of African art and artists. Melissa currently works as a Strategy & Innovation Consultant at H&M in Germany.

    Melissa Kariuki Global Citizen

    Sepiso completed her degree while working with ESSA (a UK-based non-profit dedicated to advancing innovation in universities in sub Saharan Africa) as an intern on their Pilot Scholarship Impact Hub program. While at ALU, Sepiso helped redesign Colgate-Palmolive’s sales databases and implemented a new Africa-focused marketing and distribution strategy.

    Sepiso Mwamelo Rhodes Scholarship Finalist and Valedictorian

    Amina Soulimani, one of ALU’s founding graduates, was recognized by Glasgow Caledonian University for her outstanding dissertation in social sciences. Amina credits her work to self-directed learning, intellectually stimulating peer-work, and committed faculty members. Amina is currently pursuing her Masters in Social Anthropology at the London School of Economics and Politics and plans to write a Ph.D. thesis on urban inequalities. She looks forward to exploring her passions through writing and amplifying stories from those on the margins.

    Amina Soulimani Published Author

    In response to the skill gap in Africa, four ALU students have created Tutoo+, a digital solution that combines e-learning with offline capabilities tailored to the African context. Designed to deliver a disruptive education experience through cutting-edge technologies, Tutoo+ was recently awarded the Ivory Coast Orange Social Venture Prize.

    Koffi Takpah, Kone Fanhatcha, Amenan Sidiki & Salmane Tamo Transforming Education

    Rural homes and schools across Rwanda now have access to clean, sustainable energy thanks to Alice Mukashyaka (‘17). Her organization Starlight (recently featured in Forbes) replaces kerosene lamps with locally-made, solar-powered lanterns to reduce emissions on the local level. Starlight operates on a women-led business model — recruiting, training, and supporting local women to sell and distribute the solar lights and become clean-energy micro-entrepreneurs themselves.

    Alice Mukashyaka Bringing light and power to communities

    More effective irrigation can be a game-changer for smallholder farmers, but the systems can often be cost-prohibitive. That’s where Nutri You comes in. Founded by Ellen Savude (‘16), Nutri You seeks to provide smallholder farmers in Busia County, Kenya, with affordable access to low-cost drip irrigation systems. These systems allow farmers to water their crops all year round without having to rely on rain, enabling them to increase local food production even in the face of a changing climate.

    Ellen Savude Helping to feed a nation

      Declare a mission and then align your learning around this mission.

      The critical first step towards launching a rewarding career is to build it around the unique impact you want to achieve in the world. Most people start their career journeys with an uncertain focus - after all, how do you even start defining a mission for a life’s work. The good news is that missions are not set in stone, they can change and evolve as you do, and as the world and environment around you do the same.

      Choose a university that takes a different approach.

      When you attend ALU, you start by voicing a mission that motivates and inspires you right now and then you gather the tools, knowledge and network that will help you get started on this journey, and later in life - adapt and pivot as new missions, opportunities and passions enter your world. This way, you will get to:

      Discover your life’s

      The pursuit of purpose will help you grow into a critically minded individual who is consistently enthusiastic about solving problems and contributing to global knowledge of issues in various mission and research theme.

      Align your learning with
      your purpose

      Understand how learning how to learn while being focused on your mission can help you bridge the skills gap and be ready for the future.

      Get more than just
      a job title

      A life of purpose will take you beyond a simple job and will help you boost your self-identity and self-worth by being tied to a larger mission.

      Study at ALU’s innovative Hubs in 3 continents and over 15 cities

      Learn from phenomenal experts-in-residence

      As a student at ALU, you will be exposed to knowledge and advice from global experts who spend time on our campus working directly with you. Whichever field, or whatever career path you choose to pursue, there’s always an expert ready to help you achieve the best results.

      ALU Students have found
      inspiring missions.

      Why should you
      choose ALU?

      At ALU, we have designed a proven approach that helps you get ready to launch your life of impact - and help you achieve your goals.

      All ALU students get the opportunity to harness the characteristics essential for creating a mission-based life of impact and purpose. This means a core part of our programme is to challenge you to identify the impact you want to have in the world. We then develop the 21st-century skills and network you need as a young leader, professional or entrepreneur, to help achieve this impact.

      The programmes at ALU allow students to explore the fine line between great leadership and entrepreneurial thinking. Students get the opportunity to grow and develop skills such as self-awareness, identifying opportunities, design thinking, proactivity and innovation. They are prepared to become entrepreneurial leaders who will harness the tremendous opportunities that abound on the continent.

      At ALU we believe the key to success is not memorising facts and figures that can change, but on learning life-long skills that you can apply throughout your career. This is why we intentionally develop skills like self-leading, leading others, entrepreneurial thinking, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, managing complex projects, and communication in students through practice, on-the-job experience, coaching, and regular feedback – in conjunction with our academic programmes.

      ALU has students from over 40 countries. Our students become part of a talented, diverse community from around the world. They are surrounded by driven, talented, and passionate classmates. They are exposed to ALU’s unique and powerful network of mentors, guest speakers, experts-in-residence, industry leaders, investors, ALU staff, and employer partners.

      Hear from ALU Students
      about their experience

      The exposure I have received through both work experience, classroom experiential, and extensive academic training allowed me to deepen my knowledge about what it means to be an agent of change in 21st century Africa.

      Amina Alaoui Soulimani

      When I am asked about what I love the most about ALU, my answer is always the people. I have dived into a diverse community with a rich culture and brilliant perspectives. I have learnt so much from the faculty and my peers. I’m always excited to have fruitful conversations that drive my growth.

      Mariam Junaa Mhina

      ALU has given me the opportunity to practice what I do in class, develop new skills, and most importantly take my first steps in the professional world. I’m currently a study intern working as a Residential Assistant where I drive the cultural integration of over 100 students from 35+ countries.

      Amara Rendy Soumahoro

      My absolute favourite thing about ALU is the strong sources of mentorship that is available to us. We constantly have executives from top companies visiting us all the time in addition to the super talented staff we have on campus.

      Ashraf A. Ismail

        Ready to lead a life and career of impact?