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to one location.

Let the world be your campus

At ALU, we believe that you learn by doing and most of that learning takes place outside the confines of the classroom – in environments where you are free to explore, play, collaborate and apply knowledge to real world experiences. Some of such places are learning hubs in Addis Ababa, Kampala, Kigali, Lagos,  Nairobi, Nigeria, Silicon Valley and many more planned in key African cities and the rest of the world. Our hubs are learning playgrounds where you gain a sense of belonging from your first day through hands-on experience in your field of interest, interviewing with experts in the field, attending conferences, interning with global companies, and working on projects tied to your mission.

Sip coffee from the comfort of Addis Ababa

Hike the picturesque hills of Kigali

Explore Kampala’s buzzing city life, 

Co-create in Lagos’ tech and creative scene,

Innovate in Nairobi’s startup ecosystem,

Interact with Silicon Valley’s high technology and innovation startups;

A world of opportunities awaits ALU students. 

Download The World is Your Campus – ALU Learning hubs ebook to learn more about the experiences of students at ALU learning hubs.

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