Game Night With Global Challenges: 2030 SDGs Card Game

The Global Challenges students and faculty at our campus in Rwanda hosted a game night to play the 2030 SDGs card game. Check out this article to see a reflection of the experience.


Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations can be hard to understand or interpret. Often, people have a hard time grasping the connections and complexity of these goals, which is why it is extremely exciting to have an organization that is dedicated to helping people understand the SDGs and the role people and organizations can play towards achieving them.

The 2030 SDGs Game is a card game that was invented in 2016 in Japan by Takeo Inamura, who saw a need for a better understanding of the goals. It is a multiplayer, in-person, card-based game that simulates the process the real world would take to get into the year 2020. The game was introduced to the ALU community through Ryoko Homma, a life coach, Project Manager and Global Coordinator of 2030 SDGs Card Game Project whose goal has been to bring the game to Africa. Ryoko Homma hopes that through the game individuals and corporations can have a clearer path in setting objectives and working towards the SDGs.

“I have been inspired by the passion within the African youth and believe that in order to create a better world, we need to develop leadership in Africa by harnessing their potential.”
-Ryoko Homma, Professional Facilitator, 2030 SDGs card game.

The game requires players to take up the role of different stakeholders and work towards achieving certain personal goals. At the same time, players should ensure that global goals are being met. The SDGs have been distributed into three categories: economic, societal and environmental goals. Each player has to be critical in choosing which projects to take based on the resources available, such as time and money. The projects represent different targets within the 169 targets of the UN sustainable development goals. Completing these projects determines the success of the global goals.

Throughout the game, one of the key things established was the complexity of achieving universal goals while working towards personal goals. It was easy to get lost in the process of achieving personal objectives only to realize that the global objectives were yet to be met. This lesson is vital to aspiring leaders such as the ALU Global Challenges students, whose programme is based on finding solutions to these great challenges and making advancements towards achieving the SGD ’s. The biggest take away from the simulation is that the world is connected and therefore collaboration is essential for development. We need to look at the challenges facing the world as a system and not singular units independent of each other.

“The SDG 2030 game was a magnificent experience. A very innovative way to take up challenges and learn about their interconnections and their impact on our daily lives.”
-Wassa Cisse, Global Challenges Degree Student.

Playing the SDGs card game made the game night a thrill for all participating members, which included students and faculty from the Global Challenges Degree Programme. It was a chance to unplug and interact within a different context. Based on the success of this game night, the likelihood of having an upscale of the game night is something to look forward to in the future.

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