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The community that exists at ALC Mauritius campus is one that affords students the opportunity to bring their plethora of ideas to life. Over the years, we have witnessed several unique ideas coming to life in order to add to the diversity and richness of student life experience at ALU. Whether it is setting up an initiative to tackle an issue and solve a problem within campus, or setting up a club for the sole aim of impacting the local community around Mauritius, the encouraging atmosphere directly from the administration and through the Student Representative Council (SRC) at ALU gives you the opportunity to explore these options and bring your unique ideas to life. In this light, this blog will explore three different clubs at ALC Mauritius, what they do and how they impact our immediate community on campus and eventually local communities around Mauritius.

Developer Student Club (DSC)

DSC is a student-run club on campus that is solely meant for tech students to study web and mobile technology, as well as trending technologies relevant to the current IT industry. It is a program powered by Google developers as a grassroots channel or platform to train university students that are interested in computing and IT. With the aim of impacting local communities around Mauritius, the club partners with local businesses and organizations to solve real needs. Currently, the club is working with the Food and Agriculture Extension Research Institute (FAERI) in Mauritius to build a solution in form of a data collection app for farmers and for agricultural research. The club meets three times a week by conducting workshops at three different intervals with its members which are about 50 students from the entire student body.

ALU Debate Society

The Debate Society’s vision is to empower ALU students to speak about global issues through critical thinking and dialogue. Its mission is to establish a comprehensive free speech and oratory skills acquisition platform through a student-run curriculum based on training and volunteering, representation at both local and international tournaments and public debates/lectures. Hence, with these in mind, club members meet twice in a week for a total of 5 hours per week first, to cover theory and do public speaking related exercises, and the other session is to engage in a debate and give feedback to each other. All these are geared toward grooming the communication skills of members, to boost their ability to constructively engage in dialogue and to hone their critical thinking skills. In addition to all these, the debate club also organizes one community debate every semester to get the community engaged in salient issues pertaining to our community at large through dialogue. The club is also currently working with the Student Wellness Manager and the ALU Alive team in the creation and facilitation of crucial conversations.

ALC Consulting Club

The ALC Consulting Club helps students learn more about consultancy by creating exposure to the world of consulting, and especially how cases and case interviews are dealt with in the consulting world in order to equip students with skills that will position them to become leaders in the management consulting industry and beyond. They are achieving this by leveraging on an innovative approach to case-based learning and taking problem-solving from just being a mere skill to becoming a way of life. Their values are well-grounded in excellence, professionalism, innovation, integrity and continuous learning. The ALC Consulting club aims to become the go-to hub of top talent for recruiters from top consulting firms. Since its launch, the club meets weekly to solve cases in the consulting industry. Earlier this year, the club organized a Case-athon where real-world problems were simulated and students grouped in teams were asked to come up with recommendations and solutions in 12 hours.

These three active clubs are just a few of the numerous clubs at the ALC Campus that continue to impact the lives of students on campus as well as the general Mauritius community. All students are welcome to join whichever club they feel aligns with their passions and goals.

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