Free Online Workshop

Define Your Mission. Align Your Major.

Find out how declaring a mission instead of a major can better prepare you for the world of tomorrow.

  • Discover your life’s purpose The pursuit of purpose will help you grow into a critically minded individual who is consistently enthusiastic about solving problems and contributing to global knowledge of issues in various mission and research theme  
  • Align your learning with your purpose Understand how learning how to learn while being focused on your mission can help you bridge the skills gap and be ready for the future.  
  • Get more than just a job title A life of purpose will take you beyond a simple job and will help you boost your self- identity and self-worth by being tied to a larger mission  

These ALU Students Found Their Missions

Yassmine Eladib

"My personal mission is to use my storytelling skills as a medium of education to not only tell stories of young Africans around the world but also capitalise on the potential of the youth population, empower them and engage in dialogues of identity, culture and the pursuit of 'personal legends'."

Elsa Yeboah-Boateng

"My personal mission is to impact unemployment and urbanization by using my interest in non-profit work and social entrepreneurship to empower homeless people to become integrated and productive members of the society in Ghana and Africa at large"

Piet Motalaota South Africa

"My mission is to mould organisations and movements that will steer the African people into an era of economic liberation through both creative and pragmatic enterprising. I am committed to creating and commercializing high-tech products that will directly address some of Africa's most pressing challenges. I have aready started, watch this space."