Deep-Dive into the Entrepreneurial Leadership Course at ALU

This article focuses on what the Entrepreneurial Leadership Course at ALU is about and why it is a core part of the first year program.


Entrepreneurial Leadership (EL) is a course that is part of the Leadership Core program at ALU. It is a core element of the first year program at ALU alongside other Foundational core courses. The EL course allows students to be able to explore the thin line between how to become a great leader and how to be entrepreneurially oriented and the importance of these in the 21st century. It affords students the opportunity to learn and master skills and develop mindsets that are crucial for them to create a positive impact in their quest to solving communal issues and transforming lives across the continent.

During the course of studying the EL course, students have the opportunity to grow and develop skills including self-awareness, identifying opportunities, Human-Centered Design thinking, proactivity, and innovation. All these are embedded in the four units available in the course, spread across 8 months. Students will have the chance to understand what exactly their user needs so as to create a solution that addresses the needs of the user. They also have the opportunity to ideate and prototype the solutions they are creating for this specific user. This is to ensure that the problem they have identified indeed meets the needs of that specific user. Then, students are exposed to some of Africa’s pressing challenges in the third unit and are asked to use the design human-centered design thinking they have learned to create solutions to these problems using the BUILD (Believe, Understand, Invent, Listen, Deliver) framework. Students, in the final part of their EL journey in first-year, are taught how to create a business proposal, conducting a cost analysis and proposing appropriate revenue streams as well as identifying relevant key legal issues of starting a business.

The reason why the EL program is a part of the core foundational courses at ALU is that here at ALU, we have seen and recognized the necessity of entrepreneurial leadership in this century, especially within the context of Africa. Africa is projected to have the largest labor force in the world in the next 20 years and for unemployment to be readily tackled, we need entrepreneurs that will go on to provide the jobs people will need by then. Many of our young leaders have shown a great deal of interest, zeal, and perseverance in exploring their entrepreneurial interests through the opportunities presented to them at ALU. This has led to a number of ventures on campus, meeting the needs of the immediate ALU community. Thus, they are really hopeful of the limitless opportunities that abound for them in the real world in the future.

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