Why ALU?

The Point

ALU has a mission: educating 3 million ethical, entrepreneurial African leaders over the next fifty years. You will play a part in achieving this education revolution, and you’ll see the significance of that every day. You’ll get to work with students, experience their growth, and see the impact on their future. And you’ll also get to help shape the way we do things within ALU. Additionally, ALU will make a difference in your life: we aim to have everyone leave us better off than they came to us, with an arsenal of skills and experiences that will accelerate your career trajectory and change the way you look at the world.

The Human Side

We have a team of some of the most talented, driven and passionate people you’ll ever meet. And we’re made up of all sorts: all ages, cultures, backgrounds and diverse thinkers are welcome. We encourage team members to explore and enjoy life beyond the office, and we have many communities and events for you can get involved in. To name just a few: ALUminati is our team acapella group; on Tuesdays we have a writing club; and ASKE (the ALU Staff Knowledge Exchange) is an initiative that hosts skills-exchange sessions facilitated by a team member every two weeks.


The Core

Our Core consists of the mindsets we deliberately keep at the centre of everything we do. We trust our people to make their own decisions because they understand and hold to this core. We cultivate a growth mindset, with an openness to asking questions, learning new things and using failure as an opportunity. We believe in ownership and accountability and are deeply invested in everything we do. At ALU, we are collaborative and foster a flat mindset, giving you the chance to speak up and give your input on any issue, no matter your position.

The Adventures

Your ALU adventure will allow you to take charge of shaping your personal and professional growth. From taking on projects you’re passionate about to directly influencing your workstream; from being part of developing new products to working with our students in different forms and settings; you will be an agent for change in your own life at ALU. All these and more are what our crazy, dynamic startup environment has to offer.

The WoW Factor

Our policies and guidelines are based on positive assumptions rather than being punitive, and this shapes the way we work. To support you and help you thrive, we have frameworks in place called Ways of Working. These include daily check-ins with your team, weekly sit-ins and team reviews, and monthly developmental one-on-ones to help plan your work and keep aligned and monthly developmental one on ones. Every Friday we come together for FLD (Friday Late Discussions), our all-hands meeting that culminates in weekly drinks.