Meet the Teams

A s a community we live and breathe collaboration and innovation. ALU is a conglomerate of multi-talented people whose skills and expertise span far beyond their individual roles. When we think about teams, we’re prioritising where we think your strengths can best serve the organisation as well as create an avenue for you to develop your expertise in a particular area.That way, both you and the organisation are growing.

The Teams


Delivering an innovative and engaging learning experience that will help students develop skills relevant to the real world is at the core of what we do as faculty. We have taken best practice in education from across the globe to create an active learning model that develops skills over theory. We work directly with students, delivering our innovative learning model day-to-day, using our facilitation and classroom management skills, as well as communication and creativity.


We take over from Student Recruitment once our potential students have applied, taking them through the application and selection process, and making sure they are inspired and excited along the way. We also build and design the systems that will help us select the bright, young leaders that will succeed at ALU.

Business Development

We aim to streamline and strengthen ALU’s ability to work with our corporate partners, using relationship management and great communication, in their need for executive education and specially designed short courses. We also spend part of our time getting sponsorships and internships for our students, this involves matching students with the right organizations, and ensuring that the internship experience is satisfactory to both parties.


The finance team works on planning, organising, directing and controlling financial activities within the organisation, such as procurement and utilisation of funds. We manage the cash needs of the organisation and create valuable insights that enable decision making by senior management. We also work on corporate finance, financial modeling and deal with investors and with raising capital.

Human Capital

We take over from Recruitment once our team members arrive. It’s our job to integrate them into the team and ensure that they have a great experience during their time at ALU. We use our people management and communication skills daily, we focus on culture building, good decision making and system management.

Learning Experience Designers

As Learning Experience Designers, we craft brand new learning encounters for the classroom and beyond. Working with faculty on curriculum design for our undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and with corporate clients on specially tailored short courses. Because our work is so diverse we use relationship management and project management skills as well as design thinking to ensure that we always produce an excellent experience.


We shape and share ALU’s brand with the world. We use our creativity and communication skills, working largely within the exciting space of digital marketing. We also come up with brand new ways to engage with our customers, including virtual reality and taking the ALU experience right to our customers on their homeground.


In the Operations team, we are building an institution from the ground up – literally, building campuses, managing the offices, accommodation and transportation. Within Operations we work on logistics, project management, analysis and decision making and implementing and maintaining the infrastructure for the day-to-day life at ALU.

Public Affairs

We represent ALU to the external world: this can be the press, our educational partners, or the governmental institutions we work with in order to maintain our accreditation. Our team is part PR, part Regulatory Affairs, and part Compliance. We use critical thinking and decision making skills day to day, as well as a lot of people skills and communication. To work with us you have to be detail-oriented, dynamic and interested in working with people.


In the same way we go above and beyond to find awesome students, we recruit passionate, intelligent individuals to join our team. Our job is to find the best people and get them to ALU. We focus on finding people who are not only super skilled but also good culture fits and that will thrive at ALU. We use our communication skills daily to ensure we stay in touch with top candidates.

Student Life

Students, staff and faculty work together to develop the culture of ALU. In the Student Life team, we facilitate the ownership that students have in creating a meaningful and holistic experience for themselves through counselling support and our innovative wellness programme, ALUAlive. Our daily work involves project management, working closely with students, risk and disaster analysis and management, programme design and a whole lot of empathy.

Student Outreach

We engage schools, educators and students directly, giving presentations and coming up with new strategies for recruiting students daily. We connect prospective students to our Mission & Vision, and bring them to ALU to unleash their potential.


Tech is an exciting and hardworking team, that builds and adapts cutting edge software. There is huge scope within tech to learn new skills as you move between platforms. We work with the most innovative solutions out there to creatively support and enable our learning environment.

ALU School of Business  

Developing African talent does not start and end with young people, we believe rising stars and executives also need to keep learning and harnessing their leadership potential. Our team works on various areas from curriculum design to project management, working with external clients to operational and logistical management. We currently offer the first innovative, truly pan-African MBA programme on the continent.

Internships at ALU

ALU is a great place to spend 3 – 6 months as an intern, you will gain tons of exposure, be given much more responsibility than in a usual internship, and have the ability to help shape your internship experience. You will finish your internship with a toolbox of skills that will boost your career regardless of where you go next.

To see which teams are currently hiring, visit our Job Openings.