Work at ALU
Lead the change

In a fast-paced innovative startup where collaboration and creativity are part of the norm, everyone is inspired to be the best version of themselves and is driven to push the boundaries of what it means to make an impact on the African continent.

What makes ALU unique?


The Point

Never lie awake at night wondering what the point is: be part of the revolution changing leadership in Africa.

The Human Side

Be one of our talented, excellent people. Make connections & live an enriched life beyond work in our community.

The Core

Take the chance to speak up & have your voice heard. Live your freedom; live by our common core of mindsets.

The Adventures

Drive your destiny, think differently & take ownership of all the opportunities our vibrant startup offers.

The WoW Factor

Our Ways of Working allow ultimate flexibility, within a framework intentionally designed for success.

The ALU Experience

Working at ALU can be challenging but the rewards and experiences always outweigh the challenges. Though it requires high concentration of grit and flexibility, we embrace the need to #DoHardThings because we are driven by our moonshot mission and its unseen, yet sure benefits. Supported by cheering teammates who care to share in our wins and wars, we are pushed to be the best version of ourselves, so we can wake up each day thinking “I absolutely love what I do!”

What will your ALU Moment be?