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By integrating students’ learning with the real world, empowering students to take ownership of their own learning, equipping each student to think entrepreneurially, and employing the most engaging and inspiring teaching methods, ALU is pioneering a new approach to higher education and leadership development. Hear from our community about their ALU experience.

Tom Siegel

Former, Google VP, Trust & Safety
Expert in Residence at ALU

Angela Lumneh

Computer Science Graduate
ALC Mauritius


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Applications to ALU are now open! Please fill the form to get started. Our application process is designed to help you explore and unlock your creativity and discover what makes you a leader. We are looking for students that are excited by the possibility of shaping their own future, not at some point, but today. We are looking for students who want to change the world. Are you one of them?


ALU’s tuition is $3000 per year. Additional expenses will be incurred based on the student’s university location for the first term. Scholarships and grants are available to those with significant financial need.


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