2019 ALU Innovate and Social Science Week at ALC Mauritius

Last week, the entire community in our Mauritius campus had a week filled with excitement, thought-provoking conversations, and a memorable awards celebration to mark the end of the year.


There was a different ambience in the atmosphere at the ALC Mauritius campus throughout last week as a result of the different activities which were in place from different departments that make up the learning team at ALU. Right from having Year 1 students present their innovative entrepreneurial ideas via ALU innovate, to the entire Social Science faculty and students in other classes joining the Year 4 students in pulling off a memorable Social Sciences week. All activities planned influenced all students one way or the other. All was done in the spirit of celebration- celebrating how far we have come as a community and what the future holds for us, especially given that the first batch of our founding class students will be graduating in about 9 weeks time. This blog post is a recap of the events of the past week.


The week started off with StoryFest, an annual event organised by the Communication For Impact team, that showcases a variety of tales, performances and artefacts (from both students and staff) that depict the pains, beauty, triumphs within our communities. This is more of a Communicating for Impact final project for Year 1s before they begin their degree programmes.

This day was also RFLX Day for Social Science students as some of them were featured on Ubuntu radio to mark the first day of Social Science week. RFLX Day was a day for the ALU community to intentionally question assumptions and biases we hold about others, in order to improve our relationships. In addition, there was also a screen montage of a documentary celebrating the founding class talking about what constitutes their identity in their 4 years at ALU.


This day featured a debate inspired by the Skoll Forum, and hosted by the Student Ventures Programme, in partnership with Student Life, Social Sciences faculty, and the Debate Society at ALU on Accelerating Possibilities. It featured fierce debaters from the Debate Society at ALU who debated on the motion: supporting social entrepreneurship initiatives should be mandatory for all businesses on the African continent. In addition, there was also an Engineering Showcase of recent works by our engineering students as well as a session on Personal Branding by Christopher Williams, an Expert-in-residence.


Wednesday featured ALU Innovate Pitch day specifically for Year 1 students as well as the Students’ Ventures Programme pitch day for students in other classes (Year 2s, 3s and 4s) who have been working on developing their ventures with support from the Student Ventures Program. These enterprises vary in stage, industry area, and scope of impact – some students are in the early idea stage with campus-based ventures and others have fully developed ventures back at home. All of these projects address solutions to some of Africa’s most pressing challenges.  

This day also featured, Alkebulan, a creative session for Social Science students and the entire ALC community on thinking about African roots and indigenous identities. There were thoughts on where, how and what Africa could have been if it wasn’t colonised? What was happening in Africa before the colonial period?  What does it mean to be African? Who are we? What is our heritage? All these were discussed in the session.


Thursday served as the concluding part of the pitches where the finalists pitched their potential ventures and businesses. It was also the AL·Che·my – Assembly & Awards night. This final assembly of the year also served as the last one for our graduands. Awards from different categories (i.e., Academic awards, Entrepreneurship awards, and students that embody ALU’s values awards) were presented to awardees. The ALU Social Science Thought Leader Award was also presented to social science students whose philosophies and opinions have influenced the thoughts, opinions and attitudes of others. The night ended with a community dinner for the entire ALU community.


Friday featured a moonshot discourse about Pan-Africanism and colonialism with inspiration from Frantz Fanon’s Wretched of the Earth. The discourse featured panellists from all regions of the continent sharing their thoughts on the theme. Also, brief documentaries on the same topic made by the Social Science Year 2 Class were screened to close off the week.

In the midst of all this, we had amazing performances from some of our students, networking and mingling in-between sections, good music to dance to as well as plenty of food to eat! The events of last week are just some of the ways in which we come together to celebrate the diversity, creativity and innovation that we all share as a community in our quest to positively impacting the continent and ultimately changing the world.

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