Research known as the Signaling Theory of Universities shows that the greatest value that a university degree provides is its “stamp” of credibility. It’s a signal to potential employers that the graduate is an intelligent, work-ready individual.

ALU offers fully-accredited and internationally-recognized degrees that carry weight around the world. Because ALU provides such a robust, well-rounded education, our good name ensures students will wear our “stamp of approval” with pride. Graduates can be assured that a degree from ALU is a signal of credibility, one that’s attractive to employers and potential investors in the graduate’s entrepreneurial ventures.

We’re proud to work with our fine academic and accreditation partners. ALC Mauritius is accredited through the Tertiary Education Commission in partnership with Glasgow Caledonian University, a modern, multicultural university with campuses in Glasgow, London, and New York. This enables us to offer internationally-recognized UK degrees. ALU Rwanda is accredited through the Higher Education Commission.

Media around the world have hailed ALU as an innovative, forward-thinking institution. It’s been recognized by outlets including the New York Times, the BBC, and New African magazine. CNN called us “the best in the country” and “The Harvard of Africa.” And in 2019, ALU was named one the #1 most innovative company in Africa and #39 most innovative in the world by Fast Company.