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Data is driving the next revolution in industry


Staggering amounts of data are generated every moment from millions of sensors connected to equipment and devices, especially in asset-rich industries. Unlocking the value of big data will dramatically improve business productivity  and make significant bottom line impact. Capitalizing on the Industrial Internet, however, requires a new suite of skills – Data Exploration, Machine Learning Methods, Industrial Application Development and more.

Are you ready for the Industrial Internet?

Africa Industrial Internet Programme


The Africa Industrial Internet Programme, a year-long programme, has been developed to address the demand for a digital-savvy workforce in the increasingly data-ridden industrial organisations. Developed by ALU and powered by GE, the programme empowers participants to develop the requisite skills for building applications for the Industrial Internet. We achieve this through offering modules in machine learning and big data analytics, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and cloud-based application development to individuals and professionals interested in preparing for the Industrial Internet.

Solid Foundation of Technical Skills

Get trained in the most up-to-date descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics, industrial application development best practices, and programming languages necessary for the Industrial Internet.

From Information to Insight

Identify opportunities, harness relevant data, run intricate analyses, create dashboards and obtain useful insights to drive sound business decisions.

Think Beyond Coding

Gain a systems thinking mindset to integrate software, platforms, and data sources to extract optimal value from your data.

Deliver Business Impact

Leverage your insights to create lasting value for the business by building robust industrial applications designed to optimize operations at scale and minimize business costs.

Programme Schedule


Starts January 2018

12 months of  blended learning

3 – 5 day intensives per module

6 – 8 week online content per module

7 Modules

Module Details


Python Coding*

Python is widely-used, scalable, and versatile. It is the language of choice for AIIP.


Review statistical concepts elemental to the execution of robust data analytics, for data sets of all sizes.

Data Analytics

Explore, transform and visualize data to extract valuable insights using statistical tools and executed using Python.

Machine Learning

Build and score machine learning models to learn from past and real-time data to predict outcomes and augment sound decision-making.

Big Data

Apply the appropriate analytics and machine learning models to massive sensor-generated data sets for optimal business value.

Innovation Leadership

Solving the right problem is key to extracting business value. Learn how to deconstruct problems into feasible solutions through a systems thinking approach.

Application Development

Build industrial applications to solve complex business challenges using cloud-based, comprehensive Predix platform.

Digital for Industries

Culminate the programme by applying all the skills obtained in a hands-on IIoT module incorporating Digital Twins, Brilliant Factory and more.

*Online prerequisite modules.
View further module details here.

The ALU Approach


Our programme is structured to ensure you can grow your skills as characterised by these key elements:

Financial Assistance


GE is generously offering a limited number of scholarships to deserving candidates for the ALU Africa Industrial Internet Programme, powered by GE. To find out more about the scholarship, please visit the FAQs page.