English Immersion Programme

English Immersion Programme

ALU offers an immersive, 6-week long program to ensure that those falling just short of ALU’s English proficiency requirement are able to succeed in the English-speaking environment of ALU. The EI program is usually taught face to face on both campuses. Should you need to complete our EI program we will communicate with you accordingly after your final application decision. 

Please keep in mind that the EI program includes an additional fee, which is adjusted on a yearly basis.

Applicants may submit TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo English Test (DET) results among other tests to be considered for exemption from the English Immersion program.

Accepted English Language Exams and Grades for Exemption from English Immersion Program.

TestMinimum Grade Required
TOEFL internet-based test.Overall score of 60-78 with minimum element scores of reading at 18, listening at 17, speaking at 20 and writing at 17.
Pearson PTE AcademicOverall score of 50 with minimum element scores of Listening at 47, Reading at 47, Speaking at 47 and Writing at 50.
SATOverall minimum score of 1000
Academic IELTSOverall score of 6.0; with no single element below 5.5.
Cambridge Certificate in Advanced EnglishGrade C
Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in EnglishGrade C
University of Michigan: Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE)Pass
University of Michigan: Michigan English Language Assessments Battery (MELBA)80%

Programme Structure

Our adaptive project-based curriculum offers students the opportunity to take ownership of their learning experience by targeting areas of growth where they need the most practice. Students spend the mornings in small classes with experienced English faculty, practicing grammar and vocabulary through interactive activities and assignments. In the afternoons, students work on individual and group projects, meet with faculty, and participate in extension activities to consolidate their learning. The programme offers individualized attention through one-on-one meetings and extensive feedback so that students can quickly improve their skills. Faculty and students work together to form a strong and supportive community where students feel safe and supported to take risks, challenge each other, and learn together.

Student Testimonials

“Once at ALC, I started the class with other students from Francophone countries. It was at this time that I discovered that my level in English was not as I expected. Why am I saying that? I am saying that because I couldn’t get anything from the teacher’s words. My God, I was so lost! I was sad most of the time because I was faced with many challenges such as speaking, listening, writing, and the fact that classes would start in February 2016. But today, the impossible has become possible, because I can speak English with native speakers for a long time. I can write, listen to my friends and teachers, and get what they are talking about.”

“I am from Madagascar where we speak only French and Malagasy. I remember the first day I came, I was obliged to use “my bad English” to communicate with people, especially with one of our housemates who spoke only Portuguese apart from his “bad English”. The English Immersion program was a life changing experience. I will never forget these amazing and fun moments when we studied late at night. All of my satisfaction goes down to the point when I realized that we grew together. Today, secretly inside my heart, I am amazed when I am talking, debating, joking, communicating, and convincing people of my complex opinions in English. I am so proud and very thankful to ALC for giving me this opportunity that I dreamed of for a long time. Also, I am flabbergasted by the learning model of ALC because I can pledge that we can be ready to study in English in just two months. All I can say is that if I could go back in time and relive these moments again during the first ALC English Immersion Program without changing anything, I would say “of course!” with no shadow of doubt.”

“The ALC English Immersion programme highly impacted my life. Before joining the program, I never thought that I would be at the level that I am now in less than 3 months. Learning in an environment that totally cares about me helped me improve more quickly than what English training centres in my country could offer to me. I now feel integrated in the English world and ready to socialize with anybody using English on this earth. The ALC Immersion program is the best I had ever seen in my life. It responds to all the learner needs via a model totally unique for the institution.

I recognise the beginning being harder. Connecting with my native speaker classmates was challenging for me. But the everyday help from faculty, my classmates, and personal learning allowed me have a level I now use in my entire life. The programme’s faculty were ready whenever needed, to answer to all my difficulties. Furthermore, every kind of assignment prepared me for every kind of activity that I could find throughout my academic years at ALC. I have not mastered English, but I have a basis that helps me connect with learning materials. I will never forget this program for how it positively impacted my English learning.”